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hard water

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by COCKROACH69, Jan 15, 2007.

    <<<<< I WANT TO ICE FISH

  2. Maybe by the middle of next week. I hope.
  3. try living in my subdivision...
    i got a concussion from the water before we got the softener put in haha....
    you'll have ice soon enough brother!!!
  4. Hard or soft water I will keep on fishin
  5. Me too Bill, did you ever get one of those underwater cameras? maybe we can check'em out next weekend!

  6. I don't know if they are any good or not,but Menards in West Lafayette had a heck of a mark down on their under water fish cams,close to 90 bucks right after christmas.
  7. Hooiser I went down to Arbor Freight and got one and I didn't want Scott and Jim to know that when I try it on Larwill lake the thing didn't work so I took it back and they said when they got some in they would give me a call and that was around the first of Dec. I do have a brand new Vexilar, FL-18 Pro Pack, that I would think about trading for a Aqua-Vu
  8. Give the poor fish a break would ya....bad enough you hovering over 'em all day in your green machine.
  9. As much as I hate to say it, I DON"T THINK OUR LAKES WILL EVER FREEZE THIS YEAR. I got a new set-up and want to use it.
  10. my wife let me get a 8"power auger I only had it out one weekend last year up in northern Michigan.... went out a few weeks ago & it started on 2 pules Vroom Vroooooooooommmmm
  11. Now Quail, you can't tell me 410's not "fishing in high fence" can you? If it were about catching fish, it wouldn't be called fishing would it? I bet he gets a speargun next with his handicap permit. My pond will be fished out by August. Anybody got any fish trophy rock I can put in the pond? Are my weeds considered food plots, and does Treehugger consider that baiting? That's why they didn't get any muskies, tree considered the weed lines to be bait piles and wouldn't fish by them.
  12. The staggering amount of gear 410 brings into the boat doesn't bother me as much as the 'purple stickbait with the hot pink spots' he just caught a fish on will now cost me 1/2 a weeks pay to barrow for a few casts.

    Weedbeds=food may be onto something there, only Treehugger can fill us in on that for sure.
  13. You got to do, what you have to do. Up to Lake Mich Harold and I use clown reef runners. Never seen any thing that looks like that but they catch fish. And YES Scott I have a spear gun ordered, and you are only able to get one if you are handicap
  14. I've just been trying to determine if its mental or physical that got you the permit.