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Harvast #s so far

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Hermdog, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Looks to be down by about 9000 at this point! Maybe next year they will reduce the amount of antlerless to be taken! I HOPE!!!
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  2. I hope so too. I hunt public and private land and I haven't seen a deer on either since before gun season. From talking to other guys they are saying that their sightings are way down also.
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  3. i wouldnt hold my breath on it. they dont seem to care, or they would have done it 2 years ago.
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  4. FireLt72

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    I have seen 3 deer this season- Doe and two yearlings. It was private land in the city limits of Indy. The two yearlings were a buck and a doe. I have hunted more this year than I have ever before and nothing on pub land (Brookville and Atterbury).
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  5. I hunt owen county. Zero daylight sightings. Zero daylight pics until snow hit the ground. I keep my cams up all year long, and had tons of pics up to the first super moon then faded to a few nocturnal pics a week. Not blaming the moon, js it's been an odd year in the woods imo.
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  6. Just because you are allowed to take more doe's doesn't mean you have to or should. Even when they allow us to do so it's on us to refrain.

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    It's miserable out there!
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  8. If they don't lower the number of deer you can kill and as hunters we need to do our part and don't pull the trigger. Even you are allow more deer then you need, still you don't have to pull the trigger. Lets quit using excuses and stop killing the does. I have not killed a doe in around 16 years.
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  9.'s over. I came out with no meat this year. I had zero daylight sightings...all came pics were nocturnal movement save maybe a dozen. Personally, my worst year in the last 8. Time for some habitat projects. Keep ur heads up fellas. Spring turkey right around the corner...and some spawning fish.
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  10. Amen
  11. I agree with you but there are to many people that think they have to or just want to kill every deer they can get a tag for. I have tried to have the conversation about not killing every doe they can get a tag for with several guys but it just falls on deaf ears.
  12. Well looks like we ended up at 119 thousand and some change. The harvest hasn't dropped to below 120,000 since 2003. It will be interesting to see the county numbers just to see if they changed much. The 119,182 reported today is down 3.6% from last season. Statistically speaking it appears that we have sort of leveled off at the 120 to 125 thousand level. Now it's a matter of just how much further the DNR wants to drive the herd numbers down...... It would be interesting to see if license purchased dropped or not????
  13. ill bet licenses will drop off hard next year! then they will cry about the lost revenue. lol
  14. Not sure of all the math involved, but just in license sales we have seen a steady decrease in total sales - even though they don't show that figure (it is published in the annual report). They only show the "privileges" which is the number of deer that could be killed based on license sales. That number has remained fairly stable, while actual license sales themselves have been in decline since 2012 and seem to drop roughly 4% annually. Fewer deer = fewer hunters = fewer dollars spent!!!!
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  15. Urban reduction is open until January 31st so there is still a possibility for the numbers to go up some.

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