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Has anyone ever saw a button buck breeding a doe?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by dirtyq, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. I saw one chasing in mid-december last year and wondered if anyone had ever saw one breeding does or if it was possible. I believe I read an article that said once the velvet is detached from the buttons it is a sign they are mature enough to breed and are capable of breeding does.
  2. i had one follow a hot doe one time i let her walk by cause i heard a grunt so i look in the direction she came from. i see legs so i stand up get ready with my bow. i couldnt believe it when he walks by that it was a button head that was about 20 yrs ago never heard one grunt since.

  3. I have seen them trying, but the doe would not allow it to mount her.

  4. I've heard that when a doe fawn is bred her male offspring is always a spike. Does that mean that if a button buck breeds a doe, that the offspring would be a spike also?
  5. I saw a Chihuahua trying to breed a German Shepard one time.
  6. I caught my baby brother pounding away when I came home from college once. He was snorting up a storm too.:16suspect
  7. Oh, no...I think I know where this thread'll end up...

  8. LOL LOL...what is it with all the Indiana Whitetail Hunting threads going bad all of a sudden??? It has to be close to the rut is all I can guess.
    Please :help: us all!!!!!!!!

  9. Ai Chi-wowa!!!!!!!! :dizzy:
  10. I don't know about small deer but I did see picture of a man with a giant beaver once....I think he was planning to mount it....sorry couldn't resist.
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  11. I've seen buttons TRY to do a lot of things.
  12. I have never seen a button buck try to breed a doe.....but, I stayed in a Holidy Inn Express last night!!!!!!!1:bonk:
  13. I've got video from my december trip to Iny last year of a button head coming into my area while there was a group of does feeding...he went to 3 different scrapes-pissed in them...grunted several times...and then continued to chase the full crap out of one of them does for the next 15 minutes...I didnt see him get lucky was not for a lack of trying.
  14. I once saw a drunk friend of mine "breed" a STOP sign. But this was Las Vegas...