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Has anyone heard this rumor?????

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Bocephus, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. I was talking to a buddy of mine about hunting and we got on the subject of licences. He said he heard where lifetime license holder may have to pay a $40 fee each year to a "natural resource fund" Has anyone else heard this???? How about you dnrlawman???
  2. I have been a lifetime license holder since 2000 and have never paid any additional fees, nor have I heard anything about this...but I am not the final word. We'll let dnrlawman or greendeem set us straight.

  3. No.. Have not heard that one.
  4. I Had Heard Rumor That The State Was Going To Try To Find A Way To Get Additional Money Out Of Us Lifer`s. That Will Go Over Like A Turd In A Punchbowl, As Far As I Am Concerned. If The State Had Properly Invested The Gains From Lifetime Sales, There Would Be No Need To Consider Such An Act. I Suggest All Lifer`s Consider Filing A Lawsuit Against The State For Breach Of Contract If This Occurs.
  5. None of the Lifetime License money has been spent. Right now the only thing the department can use is the interest. There is a proposed bill to open the account to purchase property for hunting/fishing activities.
  6. turd in a punchbowl

    I doubt that would ever get past Kyle.
  7. dnrlawman....I live 5 minutes south of the old Universal Peabody Coal Mine operations near Universal, Indiana. There are hundreds of lakes on this property. When the mine was in operation the general public could fish/hunt the property. When Peabody closed it down all that stopped. I know the IDNR was involved in some way in the stocking of many of these lakes. Was this done at taxpayer's expense or did Peabody foot the bill? Has the state ever looked into acquiring this property and turning it into a recreation area? I have airial maps of the mining operations and there are lakes out there that people do not even know exist. It would be such a great opportunity for the state to take something like this over that is already established. The pheasant population there is unbelievable. Do you have any info on this property or know if the state has made any inquiries into purchasing this land?

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  8. I also heard that "My Man Mitch" wants to sell some of Morgan -Monroe state forest and a piece if Hoosier National Forest.
  9. It's all about the coin.
  10. I don't know any specifics about the coal mine property you are talking about but if the Lifetime License money is opened up then these types of properties will be easier for the state to acquire. If I had to guess the stocking of the lakes were done at the landowners expense. It is possible the state gave the owner some direction on how to manage the lakes through the state's fisheries biologists which is available to landowner's statewide.
    Bo it would be very difficult for the Governor to sell something that is not his. The Hoosier National Forest is owned and maintained by the United States Forest Service.
  11. It's just a bunch of stupid rumors. I had a guy at work tell me a couple of years ago the the DNR was going to start a check-in fee for lifetime license holders. Lifetime license holders were going to be charged to check in a deer, while guys with regular yearly licenses would not. I told him that he was full of crap.

    There'd be plenty of lawsuits if something like this were instituted.
  12. From the NRC January meeting…the current lifetime license is not affected at all..

    The DNR is also currently reviewing the laws governing deer licenses and their prices. Research is being done to determine the effectiveness of our current deer license structure and the deer license fees.

    The DNR is proposing to modify the language highlighted below as a result of comments from law enforcement to the Division of Fish and Wildlife that clarification is needed. The proposed changes would clarify that lifetime licenses that were issued prior to July 1, 2005 (lifetime licenses are no longer issued) are still valid for hunting deer and to clarify that the license for hunting deer with a firearm is valid only during the firearm season established in subsection (b) and the license to hunt deer only with a muzzle loader is valid only for hunting deer during the season established in subsection (c).

    [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold]312 IAC 9-3-3 Hunting deer by firearms[/font]

    [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold]Authority: IC 14-22-2-6[/font]

    Affected: IC 14-22-11-1; IC 14-22-12-1; IC 35-47-2

    Sec. 3. (a) This section is supplemental to section 2 of this rule and governs the activities of an individual who is either:

    (1) issued a license to hunt deer by firearms under IC 14-22-12-1(12), IC 14-22-12-1(13), or IC 14-22-12-1(15), or IC 14-22-12-1(16) during the season established in subsection (b); or

    (2) issued a license to hunt deer by a muzzle loading gun or muzzle loading handgun under IC 14-22-12-1(13) or IC 14-22-12-1(16) during the season established in subsection (c); or

    (3) issued a lifetime license under IC 14-22-12-7 prior to July 1, 2005 during the seasons established in subsections (b) and (c); or

    (2) (4) hunting by the use of firearms under IC 14-22-11-1.

    (b) The season for hunting deer with firearms is as follows:

    (1) The firearms season using:

    [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold](A) shotgun;[/font]

    [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold](B) shotgun with rifled barrel;[/font]

    [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold](C) handgun;[/font]

    [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold](D) muzzle loading gun; or[/font]

    [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold](E) muzzle loading handgun;[/font]

    is from the first Saturday after November 11 and continuing [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold]continues for an additional fifteen (15) days.[/font]

    (2) The seasonal limit for hunting deer under this subsection is one (1) antlered deer.

    (c) In addition to the season established under subsection (b), the season for using a muzzle loading gun or muzzle loading handgun only:

    [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold](1) extends from the first Saturday after the firearms season established under subsection (b); and[/font]

    [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold](2) continues for fifteen (15) additional days.[/font]

    The seasonal limit for hunting deer under this extended season is one (1) deer of either sex.

    (d) A person must not hunt deer except from one-half (½) hour before sunrise to one-half (½) hour after sunset.

    (e) A person must not [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold]do the following:[/font]

    [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold](1) Hunt deer unless that person wears hunter orange.[/font]

    (f) A person must not [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold](2) Possess bow and arrows while hunting under this section.[/font]

    (g) [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold](f) The following requirements apply to the use of firearms under this section:[/font]

    (1) A shotgun:

    [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold](A) must have a gauge 10, 12, 16, 20, or .410 bore loaded with a single projectile; A shotgun [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold]and[/font][/font]

    [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold](B) may be possessed in the field outside lawful shooting hours only if there are no shells in the chamber or magazine.[/font]

    (2) A handgun must:

    (A) conform to the requirements of IC 35-47-2;

    (B) have a barrel at least four (4) inches long; and

    (C) fire a bullet of [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold]two hundred forty-three thousandths (.243) inch diameter or larger.[/font]

    All 38 special ammunition is prohibited. The handgun cartridge case, without bullet, must be at least one and sixteen-hundredths (1.16) inches long. A handgun must not be concealed. Full metal jacketed bullets are unlawful. A handgun may be possessed in the field outside lawful shooting hours only if there are no shells in the chamber or magazine. All 25/20, 32/20, 30 carbine, and

    38 special ammunition is prohibited.

    (3) A muzzle loading gun must be .44 caliber or larger, loaded with a bullet at least [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold]three hundred fifty-seven thousandths (.357) inch or larger. A muzzle loading handgun must be single shot, .50 caliber or larger, loaded with bullets at least .44 caliber and have a barrel at least twelve (12) inches long. The length of a muzzle loading handgun barrel is determined by measuring from the base of the breech plug, excluding tangs and other projections, to the end of the barrel, including the muzzle crown. A muzzle loading firearm [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold]gun [/font]must be [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold]capable of being [/font]loaded [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold]only [/font]from the muzzle, [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold]including both powder and bullet. [/font]A muzzle loading firearm [font=TimesNewRoman,Bold]gun [/font]may be possessed in the field outside lawful shooting hours only if:[/font]

    (A) for percussion firearms, the cap or primer is removed from the nipple or primer adapter; or

    (B) for flintlock firearms, the pan is not primed.

    (4) Over-and-under combination rifle-shotguns are prohibited.

    [font=TimesNewRoman,Italic](Natural Resources Commission; 312 IAC 9-3-3; filed May 12, 1997, 10:00 a.m.: 20 IR 2703; filed Nov 13, 1997, 12:09 p.m.: 21 IR 1272; filed Dec 26, 2001, 2:40 p.m.: 25 IR 1530; readopted filed Jul 28, 2003, 12:00 p.m.: 27 IR 286; filed Sep 23, 2004, 3:00 p.m.: 28 IR 538)[/font]
  13. Rumors?


    Are you an employee of the State? You more often than not have the WORD from the DNR. Just curious?

  14. Nope...just an interested deer hunter...and a lifetime license holder.