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  1. Saw 2 groups of newly hatched geese today. First of the year up here. No ducks yet.

  2. I have a 12 pack in the fridge:cool: :cool: :cool:
  3. I've decided to switch things up a little bit...had canadian honkers all over me while I was turkey hunting Sunday morning. Next time out...those geese are mine!...I'll show them who's boss...and when goose season rolls around and I've got turkeys all over me...yip, you guessed it...dead turkey...there's more than one way to get your quota around this state if the IDNR doesn't know when to set seasons correctly. :cool:
  4. I also saw some goslings this morning.

  5. ...and you didn't go whack them yet? You're slippin' Pidg.....slipping!!!
  6. I haven't seen any goslings yet, but have seen several on the nests. I know that several have been flooded out around here over the last several weeks.

    If you are traveling on I-65 north bound, keep an eye on the east side of the road as you cross SR 25 at Lafayette. There is a pond just north of Arrow's III Adventures with a floating blind in it. Last I saw, there was a goose building a nest on the roof!
  7. Saw a couple groups of goslings on the shoreline this weekend........
  8. Mine were all still sitting Sunday, but when I got home from work on Monday night all three were hatched out. One pair has 7, one has 5 and the last one has 3. I was wondering if 410 could come over and fend off the adults while I band the legs of the goslings. (I want JL to have something to shoot at this fall).

    Deer report: While sitting in a downpour waiting on turkeys Friday a bachelor group of 3 bucks came by the blind. The smaller bucks are showing buttons in the 2 inch range. The older buck in the group is in the 3-4" range. Also saw a captive deer on Thursday. I think he is a 4 1/2 this year. His rack is 6-7" tall and about as big around as a pop can.
  9. I haven't seen a gosling yet, but I suspect any day now. I too noticed some flooded out nests.

    Seeing a lot of deer with some BIG bellies. They'll be dropping the little ones soon.:coolgleam

    I was out turkey hunting last night and had a fat old pregnant doe within 5 yards of me. Never knew I was there. Pretty cool being that close on the ground.:coolgleam
  10. Geese Hatchlings at Otter Pit

    Went to the Bluegrass Fish & Wildlife area this last weekend and this week. I saw several pairs of geese with baby geese in tow.

    I also saw a few droppings on the launch ramps too! I hate it when they crap on the launch ramp concrete. Their droppings wash down into the water and promote the heavy growth of algae. All that extra nitrogen, phosphorous and Potassium contained in the bird droppings is just what the algae needs to grow.
  11. I just came back from Coldwater, Michigan. I saw four broods of goslings on the drive. Two were out with the parents in a field grubbing for food.

    I like the little fuzz balls.:coolgleam
  12. If you want to see goslings come to Fort Wayne...
    I've never seen such and assemblance of geese in one place...
    literally my entire subdivision has goose droppings...not a single property is droppings free. The Canadian air force has a strong presence in my neighborhood...

    seriously though, saw two bunches of lil ones on the way to work this morning...they are so cute before they become hell raising grown ups...
  13. dangit I thought that post was gonna be 700!!! I wanted my 700th post to be special...frick on a stick
  14. WOW:banghead3 I was hoping something would eat all the geese eggs. PIGEON KILL THEM ALL, YES ALL:bash: