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have ice? will travel...

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grew up just south of Barbee. live close to marion now. looking for a place to get on the ice come sunday! please help me...are you out there "moss hog"? wont be back at the keyboard until 6pm tomorrow, duty calls...but would appreciate any info...thank you:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
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rico, there are still people on the slip at wawasee. I havent trusted the ice for a couple of weeks now but this last cold spell has pushed several shanties out there. chinese gardens is still geting som trafic but stay away from the curent on the west side of the chanel. hope this helps and be carfull
Fished on Clear Lake today, but didn't catch anything. Needed the Clear Lake pro - Lulu patches to help me out. I will try again sometime. It takes a while to get to know a new lake. Plenty of Ice! 10 - 12 inches on Clear. I will probably hit Appleman tomorrow night, don't know if they are biting. Head up Indiana 3 north of Kendallville about 13-14 miles to Lagrange county 100 South and turn right. Go about 4 or 5 miles and you will see the lake on your right. Don't go over the hill unless its thawed or you have a 4 wheel drive.:)
thanks for the info gentlemen. just got in from the "office". still thinking about my "honey hole" up north. it is by warsaw. so when i go tomorrow i wanted a back up plan. at this point in time i really dont know where i will be...but one thing is for sure...i am going fishing and trying out my new goggleye flies...:)
I had my boat out on Friday if that tells you anything about the ice conditions around here... Any ice I drove the boat through was very week. Channels on Kuhn are dangerous week... if you go out make sure you bring a probe stick and some rope...It might be safe in spots...spots.
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