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Have we heard this before?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by jbwhttail, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Can you believe that in this day and time a person could post something like this?

    "Who really cares what a bunch of bush league head hunters think anyway ? They all think they're smarter than the degreed biologists whom they're paying to manage our game , so how smart does that make them ? More does means more bucks in the future , or have those dipsticks forgotten that ? They're so wrapped up in their big antler fantasies that they forgot where bucks came from , you can't have a booner behind every tree without does behind every tree giving birth to them . Idiots .."

    Where do bucks come from?

    This was from the 60's........ "don't shoot them does, that's where bucks come from.."

    I'm amazed! But that is what you get when you question the IDNR. The "consumer" just wants to kill deer, he still believes it saves him money on a food bill....LMAO.

    Name calling........... where have we heard that call before?.......Idiots?

    Antler worshipper.......he'd shoot a spike before a tough ole 12 pointer......yea right......3rd best lie. second is .. check in the mail.... first.......X...XXXX...XXX....XX ....XXXX .....XXXXX.

    If ignorance of animal biology was a course, he would have a doctorate....
  2. If we all way do, what we always did, we will always get, what we aways got. You will always have those who will kill anything. If each one of us had a fence in area and let say we all had 5 bucks and 5 does to start with to raise our families, in less than 3 years there would be about 80% of the fence in areas that would not have one deer left to produce others. By killing any deer that you see to me is wrong and to see big deer we must be a little smarter than we have been,. This is just what I think.

  3. Hey, Joe, I read that post too...what a clown!
  4. I read somewhere, that after Hunter's expenses, the average price of venison is around $62 per pound.
  5. i think that's a conservative a quote lol.
  6. ain't it the truth !!
  7. I think I save money by deer hunting, but I process all my own deer and have a lifetime license. Doing your own processing isn't too bad, doesn't take that long, and I think it drives it all home to my kids. We make our own summer sausage and jerky and my wife cans a lot of it.

    410 you are exactly right. What you are referring to is the way game management was in 1890. Now how many deer were in Indiana by 1930?

    This is what I argued with Cut N Shoot about. He thinks we can go back to mutiple buck rule and it won't matter on record book entries because the reason they are going up is due to hunters being more mature and self disciplined. I wrote a very lengthy post about that and he promised to answer it for me. Still waiting on his reply. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt and trying to listen to his point, but when he refused to even counter my points he lost all credibility with me.
  8. here's their scenerio!!

    billybob owns 200 acres. billybob wants at least 2 bucks. so he kills 2 bucks and they are a big 10 and a basket racked 6. he is happy. but billybob has 2 sons. they also want as many bucks as possible. joebob gets a big 8 and a spike. he is very happy. bobbybill he wants 2 bucks so he can't find a big one so he kills a basket racked 8 and a 4 pointer. they have 2 buddies who they let hunt but they don't letem kill doe's cause they have bucks so they kill a 2 yr. old 8 pt. and a spike ea. that's the 1st yr. their all happy and bragging about what great hunters they are. so they killed all the mature bucks and 2 yr. old and 1 yr. old bucks. next year billy bob is frustrated cause he can't see anything but does and gets frustrated. hummmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yea he says that OBR thing is stupid all it does is damage the heard. redneck game management at it's best.
  9. yes sir

    You forgot about Ricky Bobby and his two bucks(one hit by his car).

  10. :cwm27:!!!!!

    Yes, cuz them there degreed biologists no better than ya'll does, so just lem em do there thang!!!! Cuz it don't matter no how, them bucks cums from them thar does so let them thar does get out of control!!!!
  11. dear lord baby jesus id like to thank you for my two beautiful bucks.
  12. ...even though he killed 2, he can have the 1 hit by his car made into reproduction antlers...
  13. Now that is funny!!:bonk:
  14. I was going to respond to him on it over there, but there is no point.

    I guess I'm one of those "dipsticks" he refers to.:banghead3 :coco:

    He's also the one that claims that QDM can not work here in Indiana on smaller plats of ground. Whatever, after all, he is the deer hunting expert.:bowdown:
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