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Have you seen my cousin?

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by DEC, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. So, I'm at the 4-H grounds last night and I'm walking through the poultry barn, when I here this faint sound ... "hey Mr., have you seen my cousin?" I look around and there is no one standing there. I hear it again ... "hey there Mr., have you seen my cousin?". I look around again, look down and there is this turkey staring at me.

    I swear to God, the turkey said "yea it's me ... I asked, have you seen my cousin? He escaped on a farm in the Fremont area. He's been gone for over a year now and I'm hoping to find him this year at the fair."

    I looked at him and said "yep I've seen him. His tail is on my buddy's wall. I won't give you his name, but he goes by JL"

    The bird looked up at me with a small tear rolling down his cheek and said "I swear on all that is Holy that the Great Turkey in the sky shall come down with vengeance and strike down this JL creature and his soul shall rot and be pecked at by 10,000 innocent 4-H birds from now until eternity."

    I promised the bird that I would spread the word to look for this JL thing.

    Here is one sad and dejected turkey who simply misses his cousin.

  2. :coco: turkey hunters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. James, I found this to be sick, twisted, and in poor taste. You know what to do as a Mod.

    And some on here think that deer hunters are the :dizzy: ones......
  4. Did I really deserve that? [​IMG]
  5. James, I heard that DEC thought this up while driving his Bad Boy Buggie, so technically it's Poultry in Motion.
    I wouldn't get your hackles up over one Fowl joke.
    He's just trying to knock you down in the pecking order. He know's your team will gobble him down in this years contest.
  6. No, you didn't. I just got laughing while at the fair last night and something came over me. I swear, the Devil made me do it!:evilsmile

    Sorry ...:cwm27:
  7. Strike him down J.L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bash: