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Discussion in 'Indiana Small Game Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Now that there is just hilarious! :bowdown:

  2. That's the new world record fox squirrel.
  3. They shoot that thing at Bellars place??:bouncy: :bouncy:
  4. Anybody else ever seen or heard of a Sherman's fox squirrel? Seen some in Florida...they are big.
  5. Now Thats Some Funny Chit Right There!!!!!
  6. Big squirrels will be common place in Indiana once we establish the One Squirrel Rule. The concern is the size of nuts they'll be after. Soon guys like Brewer and Dean won't be able to enter the woods at all without fear for their lives.
  7. Why do I keep having this vision of a shirtless GI Joe and a dead duck ??............No I'm not on drugs.
  8. The educational value of this site is great, but the entertainment value is just as good. That is hilarious.
  9. But, but, Brewers... those guys used a rifle :yikes: to take that big game... Looks like a .0762x.39 Druganovchik Sniper Rifle to me... ;)
  10. And thats 1 heck-of-a scope on there also..:16suspect :16suspect :16suspect
  11. Yeah, must make 10 yards look like 12"....