Heading home for Christmas, gonna try a Ditch Chicken

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  1. This is the first year I will be in Indiana during the pheasant and quail season since 2000. I am bringing one of my DKs and trying for a pheasant or two on our farms in DeKalb County. Hopefully I'll get a good hunt or two in.

    Any reports of birds in DeKalb County this year?

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    Bird population seems to be up this year...mild winter. If you have good CRP land, you should do well on the birds.

  3. Crp

    We have quite a bit of CRP acreage on our farms so we should have at least a few birds. I will also be hunting the marsh where I flushed my first pheasant when I was 8.

    The pheasant population in my area of Iowa is spotty. Would be nice to get a Boilermaker Rooster this year.

  4. [ Would be nice to get a Boilermaker Rooster this year.

    Yeah!!!....shoot all them cocky Boilermakers you can. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  5. I'm guessing a Boilermaker Rooster runs with his tail between his legs! :cwm27:
  6. HA HA Very Funny!!!!

    Being a member of a "house divided" family (mom Ball State grad, Me Purdue Grad, sister IU grad), I have a healthy respect (read hatred) for Indiana University.

    Heck, I can't get away from IU as Steve Alford was hired as the Iowa BB coach not long after I moved to Iowa.

    All kidding aside, I sure hope I can get a bird or two next month.


    "Hoosier by Birth, Boilermaker by the Grace of God!"
  7. Good luck Jim! Tell Stevie we said "hey!" :bowdown:
  8. Well, my diploma says Purdue on it too, I just don't admit it too much. But I have far more invested in the daughter and oldest boy's education. Yup, he went to IU and she to Ball State. That really hurt.

    Good luck with the pheasant, there's some around, and where they are, they really are. I've never seen a year in which it's so feat or famine. Get in a field with birds and I'll see a half dozen or better. But I've walked many fields that left me scratching my head wondering where they are.
  9. Ditch a chicken!!!! is that the same as Nailing a Deer Or Wacking & Tacking Them :confused: :yikes:
  10. I love it!
    Good luck on your upcoming hunt.

  11. Not quite tree, True story here. The animal sciences department at Purdue teamed up with the DNR to produce a pheasant that could handle the predation of bigger coyote populations so they bred them to have fangs and razor sharp spurs. Been known to kill a coyote, now thats bird hunting. True story, honest.:evilsmile

  12. I Live In Dekalb Co. With About 50 Acres Of Crp Our Bird Numbers Are Better This Year Than Years Past So You Should Do Pretty Good , Good Luck On Your Hunt!!
  13. Sounds like one of Weimer's girlfriends...
  14. Hmmm, I'm from Butler. Howdy neighbor.
  15. DeKalb County

    One of the farms is a Century farm purchased in 1902 by my Great Grandfather Peter Baker. Another has been in the family since the 1860's except for a three period in the 1930's. So I'd say we have roots in DeKalb County.

    Hopefully we will have a pheasant for the table, if nothing else I will be able to let the dog stretch his legs.