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Heading to the woods tonight

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by MI Duck Hunter, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Woo hooo.... Finally, I get to be where the air is fresh and I can get a good night sleep, oh and maybe see a deer or two.

  2. After the week I'll be done with finals, and will be heading to Brookville for the final weekend of muzzleloader. I can't wait, the stress of finals is just what one needs to make them appreciate the woods more and more. Go Boilers and Colts!

  3. I remember those days of exam week. You definitely need a break. Good luck.

  4. I saw a lot of deer tonight, but alas I was about 50 yards from where I should have been. Yes I know, a muzzle loader will easily shoot 50 yards, but I hunt strictly with a bow. I had a great time. Next time out I know right where I will be.

  5. Happens to us all.

    I'm looking forward to next monday, I have the day off, and hope to arrow another for the year.
  6. QD,

    Oh, trust me, it happens to me all the time, but I really enjoy the chase... wooo hooo. I really enjoy seeing them. I wanted to yell out at the end of shooting light "Are you taunting me???", but I held back. We will meet again, oh yes, we WILL meet again. LOL