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Hello all new to the site

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Heavyduty, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. hello everyone
    I'm new to the site but not to trapping or the enternet lol!
    I'm the current president of the ISTA ( Indiana State Trappers Assoc.)
    I like to trap just about every furbearer that Indiana has to offer except for possum and Skunk lol!

    I also have my own trapping talk forum , Indiana trapper talk
    Check out the ISTA web site for the latest activities going on in the State and for a link to me site.

    Now that I found this site I'll be here from time to time to give my input good or bad :tongue:

  2. Welcome to the site, its pretty fun. :)

  3. Welcome to the forum, Lonnie...I'm a member of the ISTA as well, but this one's the Indiana State Teacher's Association.
  4. Ever feel trapped?
  5. Welcome to the site, Lonnie. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  6. Thanks guys

    James, I have a story about the subject:tongue:

    The ISTA gives 2 scholorships away every year to children of members.

    Long story short a boy applied for our scholorship and said his mom was a member of the ISTA , come to find out it was the Indiana state teacers assoc.:bonk:
  7. Great to have you with us!! We need more trappers :)