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Hello all quick question??

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by carp_whacker, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. hello everyone? Hey does anyone know how to get a picture small enough fot the avatar?? Got one but paint just wont cut it!:fish2:
  2. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I think there are a lot of ways...I just drag the picture to my desktop and right click on gives me an edit option...from there I can resize it.

    p.s. Welcome to the site
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  3. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Another way to post a picture

    Another way is to use an online photo site. I use's real easy. Sign up and download your picture to the site. Then you can copy and paste the URL site into the post avatar site...

    Hell, I'm confusing myself:help:
  4. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Now to confuse you even more (after all I am a high school's my job).

    Got this information from another post. I've used imagestaten also.:bonk:

    First - Photos can only be posted to an internet site if they already exist on another internet site. If you already have your own web page, you simply upload the scanned image to your site and follow the directions I will give below.

    If you do not have a web page there are certain sites that will host the images for you. Here is the procedure. I use, so I will use that as reference but there are a number of sites that will work.

    So you have your image in your computer or on a disc. You pull up the image and open the imagestation site. You then follow the directions at imagestation to upload the photo from your computer to a file in imagestation.

    When you move your cursor onto the photo, right click your mouse. A drop down menu will appear. At the bottom is the word properties. Left click properties and a window will open showing the internet address of the image. The code will start with http and end with jpg. In some cases it will also say thumb at the end. If you leave that word in the code you will have a very small image to post. I recommend eliminating thumb from the code.

    So you have something that starts with http and says something along the lines of imagestation.com2345.....jpg

    Click on the code to highlight it and then hit control c on your keyboard. You have now copied that code into your computer.

    Now go to the UJ site where you already have a new post up and you want to add the photo. Look at the menu line right above the box you type into and you will see a button called Image. If you click on that button a narrow window will open at the top of the page. In that window http will already be highlighted. Now type control v on your keyboard and the web address of the photo will pop into the window.

    Click OK and the image code will be added to the text of your post. Now when you post the message including the photo the bulletin board program will actually include a small window linking UJ to the host site of the photo and the image magically appears here at UJ.

    One other very important thing to consider is the file size of the image. A large image at high DPI will use lots of memory and take a long time to upload. Re-sizing your image in your computer to anything from 2x3 - 4x6 inches and selecting a DPI of 72 will make for a relatively small file that is fast to upload and still has adequate detail for web uses.

  5. If you download irfranview (its free) You can resize your own pics with a couple clicks
  6. carp_whacker

    If you are still having any problems getting your photo re-sized, just send me the photo as an e-mail attachment to: and i'll re-size and send it back to you.
  7. I second irfanview - I use it all the time. Use it to bring up your pic, click on image, then resize and tell it what size you want. Then use a save as. I use the Indiana Sportsman to save my pictures on, then use cavacini's instructions to paste the http address to your application. Lots of people forget you aren't putting the pic on- you are putting the http address down that will take you to the site where your pic is stored.