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Hello Everyone

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by deadeye2, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Looks like this site will be a good place to visit on a reagular basis. I am not a Hoosier, but have spent a lot of time in Indiana. Just recently moved from Ohio to Arkansas and still trying to get settle in. I am walking pretty tall right now. recently received my US Patent on an item I invented, the Deadeye Precision Scope Leveler. I am just so proud that I came up with an idea that really works and no one thought of before.
    Look forward to chatting with you all and know this forum will be a success.

    Be Safe...Have Fun
  2. :Welcome: to the site deadeye2..:)

    Congrats on the patent.

  3. Thanks for the welcome and the congrats.

    Be Safe...Have Fun
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