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hello everyone

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by xstreambuckmaster, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. hi all im from greensburg indiana , decatur county ,, has anyone heard anything about the 24 point buck taken in 2005 in decatur county . what it scored and if it was a record or not please if anyone knows let me know ... thank you [xstreambuckmaster
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    Welcome to the site...lots of deer talk here.
  4. Welcome, xstream...there is a picture of the buck in the main photo gallery. Go to the bucks's on page two. There are some comments under the pic. that might answer some of your questions.
  5. thanks

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome ..thanks for the info on the decatur county 24 pointer .. i have heard rumorsabout this deer but there not true i know this guy and he a well known guy here .. so i even read some other post that was talking how the state record my not come from here .. you know people get jellous and start rumors .. so all i have to say if your jellous leave the real hunters alone ... we are all hunters and we shoulds be glad that buck like these are being got in are state that means we have a chance so let these hunter have there glory the deceive it .. and we will have are day hopefully one day so .. lets support these guys and let be the be sportsman like ... thanks ...[xstreambuckmaster]:grouphug:
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