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I'm a new member to Indiana Outdoors. Just saying hi to all you Hooshiers and I do give a hoot when the topic has something to do with outdoors activities.I'm a fourtynine year old husband,father,and grandfather.I have worked for General Motors for twenty seven years.My wife and I have been married for thirty years.We have three daughters and two grand-daughters.I enjoy church and church outings,fishing in all seasons.I like viewing all the hunting and fishing programs.I wish there were a television station that televised hunting and fishing 24/7. I do watch Outdoor Life Network ,Espn,and Michigan Public Broadcast Station ,PBS has three programs that are broadcasted on Thursdays.Maybe some day someone can invent a satellight dish program that can recieve outdoor programs from every state.I would like to view Alaska Outdoors I call Alaska the'' Final Frontier''! Well I would like to view hunting and fishing programs in Indiana and all the rest of the the world. Like the song says thats my story and I'm sticking to it! Praise God for he made the earth and all the heavens above .We just have to manage it the way he would want us.And it mt opinion .We are.! There is alot more to do but lets not stop trying!Peace to all the peace keepers for they will have peace and tranquility!!!:)
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