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hello everyone

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Morchella Fella, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. new to this site ...found it this mornin ... looks great to me so far !!! a lil bout myself ... i have hunted/trapped/fished/shroomed in 10 or so states now .... i love the outdoors .... hike, camp, dig roots, fish, trap, hunt (small game, predators, deer, turkey, waterfowl, upland, etc) .... but my favorite thing to do is mushroom hunt ... im a fungus fanatic .... lol .... hope to meet fellow shroomers on this site and share information, stories, etc .... hope everyone has a great year this year and many to come !! c-ya
  2. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Welcome, share your knowledge.


  3. thanx .... hope to gain knowledge as well as share
  4. :Welcome: :woohoo1: to the forum fellow shroomer:bowdown:
  5. thanx bubba .... been out pickin anything at all ?
  6. hey there pigeon ... looks like ya have sum waterfowl in ya hands .... ya ready for the early goose season ?? dont see many teal here til later in the season in my area .... may have to head to arkansas again to shoot em up ... tons of em down there where i hunt !!! ya been out pickin any shrooms ?? how do i become a member to the shroom boards ?? get voted in or sumthin ??? lol
  7. Welcome to the site, enjoy your visits.
  8. thanx quail ... im sure i will enjoy this site greatly .... seems like it is a cool place to hang out and meet fellow hoosier outdoors people
  9. Welcome Morchella! Great mushroom pics!!!
  10. thanx hugger ... ya been pickin anything ?
  11. Other than his nose, you mean?
  12. thanx quail .... good to know that .... woulda hated to ask for sum pix !!! :tongue:
  13. anyone have any tips on using this site ??? things i may overlook ?? didnt even realize there was a chatroom til a bit ago ... lol
  14. Welcome to the site Morchella. Please fill our the form page so we know something about you and where you are from. Enjoy your self.