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Hello from Adams County

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Catslammer, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Hello.

    I'm a former Hoosier turned Buckeye turned Hoosier again. Been gone for about 5 years and now I'm back. I spent the last 5 years in southwest Ohio (Warren County). It's good to be back. I live in Adams County where I was born and raised.

    One question: Where can I get live bait in Wells or Adams County? Or Fort Wayne?


  2. I can't help you with the bait but Welcome to the Indiana-sportsman :)

  3. Not Sure about bait n the counties you mentioned, but I'm sure someone will be along that can help, maybe Rico???

    But Welcome to the site!
  4. Welcome to the site.Hoosier? =Boilermaker?:biggrin:
  5. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Welcome to the site...the Bait and Tackle on Winchester Road (not far from Wayne, H.S. and down the road from Bandido's) used to sell live bait.

  6. :Welcome: :woohoo1: to the forum :fish: :fish2: Bait and Tackle on Winchester thats is your best bet
  7. Welcome to the forum, Cat.
  8. Another cat fishing freak??

    Good to have you here.
  9. I used to live in Berne..........lots of relatives in Adams County.........welcome to the board. :coolgleam
  10. Thanks for the welcome!!!

    I'll check out the bait and tackle on Winchester road.

    Tile setter-Boilers rule! I'm a 2000 grad from PU!!!

    Quaildancer-Yes, We come in droves!!! Grew up fishing the Wabash so of course I'm a catfisher! There is nothing else in that river except for carp!!!

    Scarlet Dew: Were you a cheeser?????

    Catslammer:evil: :evil: :evil:
  11. Cheeser??? Well if it's Swiss Days your reffering too..........went every year. Grew up in the Berne area till I was in 5th class would have graduated from South Adams in 1982. Couple of South Adams classmates would have been Steve Hendricks, Mike Dull, Terry Balsinger, Mark name a few. Also got a bunch of Nussbaum relatives in the Berne and Monroe area.

    What part of the county were you from?
  12. Hey, Dew...are you referring to the Mark Fleukinger that went to Huntington College? He's a good friend of mine. Small world.
  13. Welcome Cat, hope you enjoy the ride.
  14. My folks lived close to 350 south and 300 west. I went to AC, but know a lot of berne people. The last names sound familiar. Where did you live now?

  15. I currently live in Warsaw Indiana.........Most of my family went to AC. Anyone with the last name of Nussbaum that went to AC was a relative of mine.