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Hello from Warsaw

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Rory, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Hello, my name is Rory Karczewski, and like many of you I have a real passion for pursuing Trophy Whitetail Deer. I currently live on Pike Lake in Warsaw, and am an active measurer for the Hoosier Record Book. I couldn't resist signing on and discussing Whitetail Deer twelve months out of the year. I have already had the pleasure of talking and measuring Whitetail Deer with some of you guys at the Indianapoils and Fort Wayne Deer Shows. Attached, is a pic from the Fort Wayne show of two Non-Typicals that were measured.:)

    ps: Not sure if the Pic thing worked?!?
    pss: Does this thing have spell check?
  2. Welcome to the site Rory. I work there in Warsaw. Enjoy the posts.
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  3. Hi Rory,

    I am on the West side of town, don't hunt deer much anymore, but like reading the posts of those who do!
    I thought there was a spell check feature on the posts (in the preview mode) but I could be wrong...

    Welcome to the site, and jump right in.
  4. Welcome to the site, Rory.
  5. Welcome to the fun. Looking forward to sharing some stories.
  6. ccavacini

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    Welcome to the site....enjoy the posts.

  7. Hi Rory, Welcome to the site. I will be giving you a call and do some fishing. To me this is a good site, lot of nuts no (good old boys.) Jump in any time. Talk to your later. I saw those bucks and they are good ones. 410
  8. welcome to the site Work right down the road at biomet and fish that lake once in awhile
  9. Welcome Rory, Great to have you on the site. Hope to chat with you soon.
  10. Welcome, It's a great site......... what did those two score??
  11. I appreciate all of the welcomes:)

    The buck in my right hand scored in the 170's and the buck in my left hand scored 149 2/8.

  12. Rory,

    Don't ever put your picture on here. Next thing you know you'll be seen fishing next to Jimmy Houston!
  13. Welcome to the site Rory..........I'm also from Warsaw....Chapman Lake area. Good to have a neighbor here. :coolgleam
  14. :Welcome: :woohoo1: to the forum :bowdown: nice deer :bowdown: