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  1. Just became a member and wanted to say hello.I live in Indianapolis and for a few years in Florida have lived here.Love to hunt and fish-anything outdoors is good for me.Just got a new dog,Weimaraner ,got him thru a rescue. I cant understand how someone could just tie him to a fence of an abandoned house and leave him. He is a big,big boy[125lbs] his name is Rufus and I could not be more proud than if I had just had a son born. I got 2 girls and I just love them-but! Anyway I'll call it quits wile I'm still ahead.

  2. Welcome to the site, John...I also am a (somewhat) proud owner of a Weimaraner. This is Winston, and he's a CLOWN!


    Happy posting. JL
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    Welcome to the site....enjoy all the posts.

  4. My Clown

    [​IMG]Hey guy and to you JL this is my clown-Rufus Baboom Nash
  5. Pretty dog...they have some interesting personalities.
  6. Clowns

    I've had Brittanies for nigh on 30 years now. There are no bigger clowns than they. This pic is from our Kansas trip last year:


    Thought she was going to make me sleep on the floor. Good to see another dog guy on here.

  7. Wecome J, enjoy youself.