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Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Jhunter, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. I am new here to this site and indiana also far as that goes and I found this site hoping to get informaton on blackpowder hunting in indiana, so if anyone has any info sendit my way . Thank you
  2. Welcome to the Indiana Sportsman - good to have you with us.
    Here are the 2005 dates for deer

    Firearm season- Nov. 12, 2005- Nov.27,2005 (muzzleloaders can be used)
    Muzzleloader season- Dec. 3 - Dec. 18

    You can use a muzzleloader rifle or shotgun to hunt about anything in Indiana during the season.

    What part of the state do you live in? I don't know about all areas but I know Pigeon River State Fish and Game area isn't overly crowded during the muzzleloader season.

  3. If a firm beliver in if someone treated Pigeon River like it was their own...scouting and such. They would have HUGE success for any types of animals up there. I dont hunt it because i have private ground but i have a buddy that takes a nice buck and some does eveyr year up there...just takes a little time and effort.