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Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Fuzzy Muzzy, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Well I guess I should introduce myself a little better. I started on this forum with a "Bang" lol (Sorry Brew)

    Anyway, I live in Northern Indiana, so far NORTH I can spit over on to Michigan yes so CLOSE to God's Country (aka NOTRE DAME) that I can feel Knute Rockne's Spirit!!!! I have 3 children (unfortunatly only here weekends) and 2 step children.

    I'm a DIE HARD turkey hunter, deer hunting comes second. I make my own custom box calls (for info PM me, not gonna pull an advertisement here)

    I LOVE the Pittsburgh Steelers, Notre Dame Football, IU Basketball and OHHH YES the CUBS! Oh and ...... ready for this, I HATE the Colts (aka CHOKES). Tony Stewart is #1 in my book although, there's others I like too.

    I LOVE traditional archery although, I do some NFAA shooting in the Spring / Summer as well with my purty Hoyt Ultratec all rigged out.

    I am a member of the following: Compton Traditional Bowhunters, St. Joseph Valley Traditional Archers (New Club), NWTF, North American Hunting Club and the Christian Bowhunters of America.

    I look forward to sharing and posting on here!

    Fuzzy Muzzy
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  2. Welcome to the site. Go CUBS!!! and I'm with you on the Colts
  3. Welcome Fuzzy...Show us some Great art Work you Do...:bowdown:
  4. how rude of me, i've already sent your 18372 pm's and still hadn't officially welcomed you to the site.

    welcome fellow irish/smoke/hunting fan. Those three things make you and alright guy in my book...
  5. oh ya...
    there is a fee of 7:30 AM bloody mary at the first home game to post on this site haha
  6. Welcome...not bad except for that whole cubs thing...ehhh...some people "you just cain't reach"...
  7. Thanks for the great welcome all...........CJONES, what you talking about! I'm not waiting till the first home game! Get that baby out early and have one at the Blue & Gold Game! haha.
    That goes for anyone on here, if your in the Notre Dame area on football game day, stop by and see Ol Fuzzy, I'll fix you up with a "Fuzzy Bloody Mary" (Ohhh that sounds bad!)

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  8. welcome to the site fuzzy muzzy....always nice to see another avid turkey hunter on here. i will pm you on your box calls.
  9. Notre Dame....Pittsburg Steelers....IU Basket Ball....Tony Stewart.....

    What kind of radical are you?????