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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Woody, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. Is anybody out there? Hope the site goes well.

  2. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Yeah I'm here Woody. Welcome to the site. We haven't officially launched it yet but I hope to do so before new years. Are you from Indiana? How did you find the site?

  3. Steve,

    I live in SE Indiana in Switzerland County. There has been some talk on and the Bowsite about Punched it in and the site came up. Good luck with it.

  4. Hello Woody! Welcome to the site. I am a member and moderator of Steve's site From my experience in there over the past 3+ years I can tell you that Steve offers a quality place for Indiana outdoor enthusiasts to sit back, kick off their boots, get a favorite beverage, and relax.

    I'd encourage you to spread the word with your friends about this place. It will take some time to get it going, but it will be a great place once it does.

    My only connection with IN hunting and fishing is my writing in Midwest Outdoors and that is in the Michigan section.
  5. Hello out there to everyone...
    I grew up in MIshawaka, but now live in MIchigan, my family is still down in Indy, so it be great to meet fellow hunters to be able to go down to hunt.
    The site looks great and it wont be long till we have alot of members..:bonk:
  6. North Central In. here. Avid bow and muzzleloader hunter and fish for anything that swims.
  7. One buck rule

    What do you guys think of the one buck rule? Personally I love it. I seen more mature bucks this season than I have seen since the early 70's including a 14 pointer that scored at least 160"
  8. Hello all! I am with Whit1,,,that is I am a mod on Steve's Michigan I am sure this site will take off and become big hit! I am also sure as it grows(and trust me it will grow) it will have some growing pains,,just hang in there Steve runs a top shelf operation and has a way of making things run smooth!
  9. Got the email invite from Steve...great site. I sometime whitetail hunt in Indiana and have done very well.

    Thanks again and hope to see many users on this site.
  10. I too got the invite, and I have a friend who owns a farm in Indiana. I will send him an e-mail telling him about this site. I like hunting in Indiana, so I thought I would check out the site.

  11. hey guys

    i got the invite from someone named buck stopper thanks for telling me im a big deer hunter im 18 and live in mishawaka right by south bend i love to hunt with bow the most i got my limite this year a nice 6 point to i really think the one buck a yaer is good i have seen alot of big buck wished i did not shoot the 6 point first because ive seen alot more big buck i could of shot well god bless guys
  12. Thanks for the invitation to join, Steve. I was born and raised in Randolph Co. graduated from Purdue but have lived in Michigan for the past 16-years. (I do miss deer hunting down there and I'll never forget hunting quail before they were wiped-out in 77-78.

    I have been a participant on the Michigan Board for 2-years and find it to be the best BBS in Michigan. I am sure you all will appreciate the resource as you get used to the format.

    Glad to be here.

  13. Seen the site on and came to check it out. I live in the southern part of Indiana in Greene county.

  14. Hello. North central Indiana here, seen the site at I love to hunt whitetails. Kodiak, I dont much care for the OBR, Id rather see antler restrictions or a shorter gun season if rack size is what were after, afterall, our neighbors to the west who produce record deer every season allow you to take 2 bucks. Just my 2 cents. Hope the site goes well.
  15. I live in Northeast In. The Fort Wayne aera. I stumbled onto this site. Glad I did. I like what i have seen so far.

    Not much of a fan of the OBR but time will tell. I do hope it works for the betterment of our heard. I just didn't feel that wheel was broken. We get way too many P&Y entries to be that worried about a few bucks. If we need more bucks let's do like Arkansas and protect the button bucks.