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Help a young man fulfill a dream

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by Whacker, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. From another site... a very worthy cause.

    I would like to tell you about a young man fighting the dreadful ALS or Lou Gherigs disease.

    His Name is Eric Corey. He is 20 years old and lives in Knox Indiana. Eric is in his 5th year of battling disease as it is most times referred to as. Most ALS patients do not last 2 years after diagnosis, so Eric is putting up one heck of a fight.

    Having participated in the Youth Hunts at Steuben County, Eric is quite the deer hunter. He's deadly with a muzzleloader out past 100 yards.

    Eric is also avid turkey hunter who is nearing completion of his 1st Turkey Slam. He has already harvested an Eastern, Mirriam, and a Rio Grande. He only needs his Osceola.

    Eric is losing his battle with this degenerative disease and this spring's hunt will be probably be his last, his body is giving out on him. He would really like to get that Osceola.

    Two hunting sites are waging a fund raiser campaign to send Eric on a 3-day hunt in Florida to complete his Slam.

    Check out the following sites and if you find it in your heart please contribute to Eric’s trip.


    Whacker aka PBR

  2. I'll send $20.00

  3. I sent you a PM..

    Thanks a lot..
  4. Sounds like something we should all donate towards. Guys, empty your pockets!
  5. A very worthy cause...I'll help in any way I can. E-mail me at I might be able to call in some Outdoor's Folks to help. I'm not a Turkey guru, but might be able to help in some way.

    God Bless this young hunter......
  6. Whacker, thank you for the post and god Bless Eric. If you would and could maybe you could bring him to the Indy show in Feb and meet lot of the gang that will be there. Tell him that we love him and God will watch out for him if he will let him into his heart. I know I will be praying for him.
  7. We got your back Eric!!!!

    Amen 410!!! Well put right there!!

    Come on fellas, let's get something done for this kid. Any suggestions?
  8. Good post whacker...
    Eric will be in our prayers. Shoot me a PM and tell me where to send the check...I've got a baby on the way so its tight but I'll help with what i can
  9. I am in...send me a PM with details. Lost a good friend to ALS.
  10. Dean,

    I’m just a foot soldier in this by just passing out the word. The two main men in this are Alex Williams of Georgia and Kevin Newland of Virginia. They got the ball a rolling for a Hoosier that they had never met, but had heard about.

    They hang out at the forum

    The fund raiser thread on NWTF is at..

    Kevin goes by bomboy (he is a bomb technician for the Virginia state police)

    Alex Williams makes turkey calls down in Georgia and goes by alex .

    You can PM either one there and ask what you can do, besides or in addition to donate money.

    I’ll PM everyone here that donates what the details are on sending their checks.

    Thanks a lot .
  11. Cjones46 and old rookie,

    I sent you a PM.

  12. Count me in, what ever we can do to help out
  13. Thats what its all about, hunters helping hunters. He is a vary special young man. I'll send what I can to help. Can you PM me with that address Whacker?
  14. Whacker Pm Me I Am In To Help Such A Brave Young Man If We Can Help Fullfill His Dream Now Thats A Worthy Cause God Bless Him!!!!!
  15. PMs have been sent.