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Help hunting Deebron Co this weekend (nov 19th and 20th)

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by JBARCHER, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. New to the forum and looking for help. I am from Tennessee and coming to hunt a family friends property in Deerborn Co. Any advice or help will be appreciated. What stage of the rut are they in. Thanks for all of the help.
  2. Some does are still in heat, but it is getting late in the rut. The deer where I was hunting (Dearborn County) were still not "spooked" too much. The buck I shot was more interested in eating the abundance of acorns. The real big bucks I am sure will be limiting their travels until before and after dark.

    Good luck.
    -Dan- ;)

  3. I say the deer are in late rut as well but they are still quite active. I shot my buck as he was nose to the ground chasing the scent of a hot doe. I think we probably have another good week of late rut especially in the southern counties.
  4. I hunted in Dearborn and Switzerland county on Saturday and Sunday. I think the deer are still rutting farely well. I saw four different bucks chasing does and probably saw 20+ deer over the entire weekend. Saw one nice buck Sunday afternoon but couldn't get a good shot at him. The weather Saturday afternoon and Sunday sucked. I think if the weather cooperates this weekend you should be in for a good hunt. What part of Dearborn county are you hunting?
    I did get the chance to take a coyote however on Saturday morning. Big female, one less animal killer out there. I'll post pics later today. Good luck hunting and let me know who ya do. All of my buddies saw alot of deer but the big ones were far and few between. I'm sure there traveling at night.

    Happy hunting and be safe!!!
  5. Hunting a little outside of Guilford. Scouted there a few weeks ago, saw 1 dow and deer were definitly deer moving, scrapping and rubbing. It got me pretty excited, I hope we see a few this weekend. What kind of structure would you look for? Fields, wooded roadbeds, creek hollow, thickets, acorns, etc. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Guilford, I am from Yorkville which is about 5 minutes from there up Yorkridge Rd. I was hunting this past weekend off of Sawdon Ridge Rd. which is about 2-3 miles from Guilford up Road 1.

    I was hunting on a oak ridge. All of the deer that I saw were not really interested in eating they were all basically just moving through and I saw four different small bucks chasing does. I would say just to try and put yourself in any type of wooded area where you can see alot and where it looks like deer travel. Hillsides overlooking creek bottoms always seem to be a good bet. If you would like to know anything else let me know.

  7. Thanks For All The Help

    Thanks For All The Help!!