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Help! I CAN'T STOP!!!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by treehugger, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Help!!! I'm addicted...I CAN'T STOP POSTING...someone please call the authorities!!! :dizzy: :yikes: :help:
  2. We'll join a twelve-step program...together, tree. Something like "gratuitous posters' anonymous."

  3. Here repeat this 5 times, Hi My Name is -------- I'm a post-a-holic, We'll hold a group session later in the campfire!:tongue:

    There, don't you feel better?

  4. Do we have to type it 5 times, or is it allowed to simply cut and paste. I'm doing this and drinking a beer, so the typing skills could start to slip.
  5. Thank you, that may work for a little while...DANG IT...another post! :bash:
  6. I agree, Quail...what's your brand. Just cracked open another Bud myself.
  7. You're at work just so you can get more posts told me that yourself. Oh, man, I am so gettin' to 100 posts tonight at this rate!
  8. GO! GO! GO!

    We're here for you man! :grouphug:
  9. Just another Bud guy here, none of that light stuff either, just plain old Bud.
    In a can! If I'm lucky, my wife may even pop it open for me, but most times it's a self serve rule here.
  10. A man after my own heart...tallboys for me!
  11. I'm a light weight, two of the tallboys and I'd be faking my own internet demise.
  12. Oh Hickory...why did you have to leave us so soon???What???because you got kicked out of the forum for a less-than-tasteful joke. Oh, ok.
  13. I'll bet he's still readin' our posts...HI HICKORY!!! Glad you aren't dead...are you still takin' your medicine? :coco: