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    My name is Jeff Sonner and I run Artistic Creations Wildlife Art Studio. My web address is and this name has been registered withour company for just over5 yrs now.As such we own this name and any associated use of said titles. We are requesting that you cease and desist use of said name immediately, or we will be forced to pursue further legal actions to such end.
    We understand that you would like to associate your business with the state of residence and realize how difficult the word association process can become. We regret that we are unable to allow this to continue but have no other option available. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

    Jeff Sonner
    Artistic Creations
    i've used hoosier taxidermist as a screen name since 1999 what do you think i should do. i sent him an email explaining that i've used it as a screen name for the past seven years Help.
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  2. if you can prove you have been assigned a tax no. on your bussiness name of hoosier taxidermist before he was you can by legal means make him change his businness name by counter suite. if your just doing taxi. and haven't reported your earnings to the irs and reported your monthly records to the dnr. of your customers and specimens taken in your studio my advise would be to change the name of your business. if your not doing high dollar work it would be alot cheaper to change it. you can spend alot of money defending yourself. any way it wouldn't hurt to seek some legal advise if you choose to do so. get some legal:help:.

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    Show that guy one of your squirrels, then tell him to piss off.
  4. OBK, where were you using that name? I went to the website and it is his, are you using it a a screen name somewhere on another site or what.
  6. obk it's not going to go away. you need to get some legal advise or expect a letter in the mail with a hearing date. you will be sued for infrengement rights. ever how trivial you think this might be the court will not see it that way. be ready to prove your case with a good attorney. :mad:
  7. I agree with coonslayer...besides, how's he going to track you down if you have an anonymous screen name?
  8. OBK

    There is case law out the ying yang about the infringement of trademarks/service marks. I would recommend that you seek counsel for this issue, or merely stop using the name. Your choice, your pocketbook.
  9. i agree
  10. I don't know what to say, except seek help and advice.
  11. His number is on his website, why not simply call him and discuss the matter and put an end to it before it becomes a legal issue.

    Jeff only lives a couple miles from me. I've meet him several times before and been to his studio, he's a pretty stand up guy. He does nice work. He's one of the more expensive taxidermists that you'll find. I've never used him for taxidermy work, but I've heard a lot of good things.

    Just call him and end it. Don't hide behind emails and screen names.
  12. OBK....I will represent you. I am not a lawyer but have watched many court trials on TV. I think I can help you. Please send me $1,500 as a down payment of my retainer fee. I think we can win this case. Just hang with me and tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. On second thought I don't think I will have you take the stand. Michael Jackson didn't take the stand, OJ didn't take the stand, and look what happended to them....their free! I think we can do this...again just send me the $1,500 ASAP.

  13. As Jack Nicholson once said: "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"
  14. Anybody hear about the case where a Micheal Jordan look a like is sueing MJ because he is tired of being asked for autographs. I heard he was sueing for 3mil.:coco:
  15. counsel

    I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so I could probably provide you with some legal advice, let me know. Maybe you should confront him like a man, face to face.