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Help Sanity Check

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by lilkrou, May 22, 2007.

  1. Well, the time has come to drive a short bus full of 6, 7, and 8th graders (luckily a total of 7) down to Global Finals for Destination Imagination down to Knoxville, TN, which my daughter is part of the team. This is an organization that helps kids become independent thinkers, working in teams, brainstorming, theatre, speech, etc. There are teams from all over the US and international teams as well. They are expecting almost 1000 teams and around 7000 to 8000 kids at the University of Tennessee.
    I am not sure where my sanity is going to be tested the most...traffic, kids, fuel prices...should make for an interesting trip. We will be back on Sunday (Memorial weekend traffic in a bus on the interstate...:banghead3 )

    At any rate, ya'll have a great week and safe weekend!:coolgleam
  2. Drive safe lilkrou, have a good time, and have those young, impressionable minds figure out a way to make gas prices cheaper! ;)

    Take care...

  3. Good luck to you and the kids.

    We all ride the short bus now and then, don't we?
  4. Drive safe Krou...this weekend will be hectic on the highways. Idiots like me will be everywhere :hide:

    Try not to let those kids embarrass any of the UT students :evilsmile

    If the lil ones start to grate you a little bit just 10 years they'll be adults you'll be begging for weekends like this one
  5. Good luck, Tony.

    You are a strong strong man for doing this..hahaha
  6. Thanks for the well wishes!
    Quail, yes, we are all window lickers at one time or another...I guess on this trip, that will make me the head window licker!
    Jonesy, I ma not worried about my is the idiots that are "perpetually late" that worry me! :) As for the kids getting out of line...BREAK CHECK!
    Tadpole, I am not sure if I am a strong, strong man, or just head over heals with my own kids that I am gullible enough to take on more! ;)
  7. See you fellas Monday! Someone cover me on the bar on Friday...I think that I was supposed to work somewhere?
  8. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Be safe...if you return with your sanity, let us know how everything went.
  9. Krou, I think your time here on has prepared you well for any insane endeavor....may the Schwartz be with you my friend.
  10. Sounds like you might be hot, pizzed off, and broke by the end of that trip. "Don't make me pull this bus over!" God's speed, good soldier.
  11. Good luck! Sounds like a learning experience all the way around! It could be worse...... it could be a national cheerleading competition. (no offense to any cheer dads - I took my step daughter 4 years in a row) Go Krou!!!!!!!! Be safe man, and watch the gas prices!
  12. i was on a team that went to world in Knoxville. It's a great time and a great experience. I was in it when it was called Odyssey of the Mind...not D.I. GOOD LUCK!