Help Stop Ash Borers!

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  1. Campers asked to help stop spread of ash borer

    Associated Press

    LAKE JAMES, IND. -- Campers in state parks this summer are again being urged to not move firewood in an effort to control the spread of the emerald ash borer. The emerald ash borer came to the United States in wood products imported to the Detroit area from China, experts say. Because there are no natural predators or parasites to keep the pest in check, it has attacked ash trees throughout Michigan. For the second year, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources will post alerts throughout parks and recreation areas asking people who bring firewood into the park to burn it all and not move it again. "We wanted to get the word out as best as we could that transporting firewood is really a dangerous situation," said DNR director Kyle J. Hupfer.

  2. I live between the affected areas in Lagrange and Steuben counties. I had all my saleable ash trees cut last summer.