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Here Turkey, Turkey!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by treehugger, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. I counted 14 turkey's feeding in a funnel area of a cut bean field today at 11:15 a.m. Looked like possibly at least 3 of them were Tom's from my perspective.
    Here Turkey, Turkey!!!

  2. Don't get me started on Turkeys again, Tree!

  3. I hate to lay this on you James but...when I left work on Wednesday, 11 hens walking along the edge of the road when I turned the corner. Half of 'em got up and flew off and the rest trotted off. They were big 'ol birds and on the prowl !!!
  4. I've got a field directly across the road from my house that has 'em piled up in it every other day. Can't hunt the property either. Now I know how Pavlov's dogs felt.
  5. I was driving south on SR 63 in Vermillion County today, looked over down in a field and saw a lot of turkey's. Took the next turn off and drove around to them to get a closer daughter counted 41 turkeys. Got a few pics but a little far away...YES, I SAID 41!!!
  6. That ain't nothing guys...I was at Krogers today, I bet there were 25 0r 30 turkeys in one group.....between the milk and eggs.
  7. FireLt72

    FireLt72 Staff Member Mod

    My 6y/o son and I went down to the national forrest Wendsday, but didn't see anything. But it was so great just to hang out with my son and see the counrty side! We stopped DQ too, LOL. My 10y/o daughter was mad, so how great is this, I get to take her out next week and do the same, LOL. There are advantages to having kids and my wife even thinks my alone time is good with them....snicker snicker. :whistle: We are even going out in the spring to one of the souther state parks and see if I can't call a Tom in close for them to see.
  8. Here's a pic of some of those tricky birds.....

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  9. early action

    Walked up on a flock of 20 birds Sat. One of the toms gobbled and was strutting. They are starting to get fired up a little early. Might have been just exerting a little dominance.

  10. Saw about fifteen on the way home from practice today...they were in a cut cornfield across the road from my house...a field I can't hunt.:irked:
  11. I'm not a turkey hunter but Tree's pic would certainly tempt me to start.
    Anyone want to take out a newbie??:chicken:
  12. I may take ya, Quail...I'll let you know closer to season...looks good though!
  13. What are the hens' names????

    Again, I ask...How do you know all the males are named Tom, but no one ever refers to the Hens by their first names??? What would be a good name for a Hen anyway??? I've got a good one for a young male. I was thinkin' somethin' on the line of .......I don't know....JAKE!!!!!

    What do you think fellas????:chicken:
  14. We think you're a clown...that's what we think.:coco:
  15. hen names

    Most of the hens I see during season are named "Bit*!$"!! Due to the fact every time they hear my calling they take the Tom the opposite direction from me. I have called in one named "Butch", she came in sprinting towards my hen decoy looking to kick it's backside (she was dominant).