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Here we go again.....!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Just to get the rumors started....

    I don't know, the photo looked as though it had been doctored to me!!!!

    I also heard James has the gps location already loaded on his new gizmo.

  2. Depends deano,,,,what are you really thinking??????????
  3. Fishy

    This statement from the writer caught my attention very quick, "BTW, the writer sent 3 flash photocopies of the buck, close ups of the rack at various angles. Would an old, wild deer pose for a trail cam like that?"

    As I mentioned before on here several times, his previous buck maybe real, just prove it. He may not of had it certified, but I will guaruntee you that he was making money off of it, otherwise he would have never signed the agreement with Milo.

    To all of our record book "ologists," how many book deer has Mitch killed in Michigan, in his part of the state?
  4. Another Rompola Hoax!!??

    It was a Hoax all over again. Imagine that....Go back to Mike Hanback's blog on and check it out. It will probably surprise you where this particular buck actually came from...
  5. You mean Tennessee, the THREE BUCK LIMIT STATE that has a 1 1/2 year old harvest percentage rate that is less than ours and is still trending downward?

    How could that be? LMAO...

    Those pictures floated around the net two years ago. Nothing new about them at all....


    Posters had that deer in every state in the union. Some of us knew it was a Tennessee deer.

    Don't believe me?

    A "moderator" on Hoosier Hunting" tried to pass that deer off as being on his "
    grandpa's farm" in Indiana. That was two years ago..

    TOO FUNNY....
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  6. Thanx Cut

    Good for U Cut. You must be beside yourself for being the only one who knew that deer was on the net for over TWO years. Anyways, good thing you kept that to yourself for almost a week.
  7. Don't believe me?

    Ask Joe Bacon...surely you'll believe Joe Bacon... ;)

    A "moderator" on Hoosier Hunting" tried to pass that deer off as being on his "grandpa's farm" in Indiana. That was two years ago..
  8. I never said that you didn't know, now did I. I was just making a little fun (and a little sarcasim) at you, kind of like your rib rubbing of Dean by the tone of your previous message.

    Like I said earlier, Good for you!
  9. Just when the "dust had settled"...

    Here we go again...:bonk:
  10. I want to see graphs!!!

  11. Troll??????

    Would it not have been HONEST and PRUDENT to say "prevoius moderator"? Two years ago? I thought you didn't and do not visit? Nice try at a cheap shot:coco: .

    Just like

    If we all spent our entire day on the net doing Google searches for deer and other wildlife topics we would all be as educated as CutNShoot:bowdown: . Rather than steering the ship we choose to enjoy the ride on these FREE and OPEN forums.

    If you was warm and fuzzy CutNShoot I'd let you in on some info,but alas, I'll let it play out...... you are not on top of all the changes and what will or will not happen. Enjoy!

    Trollin,trollin, trollin.....
  12. Well let me let CutnShoot in on some changes............I introduced eight more men to this Forum in the last two weeks.....they took a good look at what was being typed and "graphed"......and I swear to God himself this was one of the quotes I got back..............

    ............"neat site.........All 8 of us are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the OBR in place and to not let the "misled" that CutnShoot represents take control of Indiana's Deer Regulations. Too bad they don't have a "Graph Scoring Method"......his graphs would be Booners.....but not a "Book" to accept a one of them. Google poaching should be a crime."

    Keep recruiting for OBR're just getting toooooo good at it to stop now!! :coolgleam
  13. "Simply The Best........."

    "Simply the Best", that is what we have in Mr CutNShoot, He has portrayed himself as the "martyr" for the individualist hunter. He has made a villain of any organized group as the "do not represent" Hoosiers. Yet on the other hand he proclaims the a site he owns is the "voice" being heard and monitered by IDNR!

    I sincerely hope that he continues.....

    Many sites including this one are read by IDNR employees daily, it is good to see and read "free thought" This site as well as a couple areas does just that. The members decide and direct the topic, not the OWNER(s) of the site.

    Steve you are doing a great job not limiting the content or direction of topics.
  14. More proof that he's clue-less!!!!!!!!

    Here you'll read where Tennessee has a short, post rut firearms season. Followed by another firearms season in December (after the primary rut). Woody, thanks, because your ignorance leads me right into more proof that shortend and/or, post primary rut firearms seasons will produce older bucks. I congratulate the Tennessee DNR for having the foresite to lead their state in Modern 21st Century whitetail management. If they only had Midwestern, Tennessee would really be a big buck state.

    And, they still allow their residents the opportunity to purchase life time licenses. My hat goes off to Tennessee.

    Now, if you really want to put something on this site that people will check out, put Tennessee's Top 10 bucks in each of the four categories, and we'll compare them with Indiana's. Better, yet why don't you put down how many Boone and Crockett bucks that Tennessee has produced since, say, 2001??!!!!

    ONce again, Woody, you prove absolutely NOTHING!!!!

    How's your FREE google site going?? Still advertising the high fenced company?????
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