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Here we go again...

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by QuailDancer, May 27, 2006.

  1. Glanced at the extended forecast...looks like another week of spotty thunderstorms for our area; it's like we're in Indiana or something.
  2. Well the weather man said partly sunny and partly cloudy, 50% rain and 50% sunny any way you look at it there right and Quail you right to this is INDIANA

  3. HOT & HUMID in SW Indiana. More like July than May!
  4. Up north is hot also had to turn the air on last nite for the first time. :coolgleam
  5. The only air Jim and I use is when the fly rod goes back and forth. Yes we did turn the air on in the house last night.
  6. AIR,,I suppose you guys want heated tree-stands also:hide:
  7. Hi pigeon you could make $$$$$$$$ for a heated tree stand and you could make $$$$$$$$ for a fan on each 10' and up boat in this heat. Fished today and it was hot.