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Here you go James

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by tinyt, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Here you go James. Bronzeback finally got your buck on a mount.:) [​IMG]

    Just kidding. This is one of my MONSTERS taken at the state park. HaHa
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  2. Not sure if you saw this one JL

  3. It looks like a Viking Helmet or something.....

    Hey J.L., I've never seen one shrink that much...that's got to be some kind of new shrinking record.
  4. I now need a new key board. Coffee everywhere!

  5. Hey with my bald head I could sure use that scalp piece...can you mail it to me??? :cwm27:
  6. Umm...that looks like my form, but...I guess Dean's right, I've never seen that much shrinkage either (leave it alone, Dean and Quail).
  7. Maybe that deer just came out of the pool?
  8. ....NO, I think that's a Michigan buck. :cwm27:
  9. The antlers always look smaller once they aren't attached to the deer anymore.:biggrin:
  10. Haha. I was going to take the pic with your rack JL but figured that HEAVY BEAM 2 pt was even better humor.
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  11. Nice Buck if it's your first one. I really didn't know they would dry up that much. HA!HA!
  12. Thats IT! you are out of the back yard! Quality deer management my A$$! Ha... good photo Tinyt, however I dont think that's your form J.L.!
  13. :hide: