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hey goggleye

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by rico, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. hey goggleye(is that another term for warmouth aka mud bass?), where are my flies? lol. just thought i would drop in and see how the site is doing, i like the layout just not much info at this point in time but i am sure it will pick up. as a matter of fact it seems to be dead on all the rest of the sites i visit. just not enough northern boys on them i care and i will be checking my mail twice a day!!!!!!hopefully i will be up north this week-end doing a little jiggin'
  2. One of the first chat kind of things I tried to sign up for the name bluegill was already used. Goggleye (another name for a rock bass?) was the first fish that came to my mind and I was born in 1957.
    Right now I wouldn't know where to fish! My hot spot is currently dead now:dizzy: I wouldn't mind trying the perch on Clear or Fox?
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  3. rock bass? do you eat those things? looks like a warmouth to me...mud bass...yuck! my flies still arent here...but i will give you a shout if i am coming up north...maybe i should be rico67, that was a great year:evilsmile