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Hey James, Antlers are Mounted

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Bronzeback, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Got it all put together last weekend.. Just got to dry for awhile now before finishing.. I get to enjoy it in the living room for a while now..



  2. Crap...I'm at school, and this computer won't let me see the pics. :sad:

  3. you have email at school. I could send them quick
  4. Looks great Bronzeback! You made the right choice with the mount, James.
  5. James, your deer did have that extra 3rd leg up there in the front....right?
  6. Nice looking mount....What was the Score on that Deer ???....James
  7. Looks good, Bronzeback! Look at the neck on that hog!
  8. Look at the neck on that hog![/quote]

    That dude is still in full rut! Nice looking mount.
  9. I like that doe above and to the right as well. Bronzeback, how much would a doe mount like that cost? I'm thinking ahead to next year, fingers crossed, my Daughter will need a mount done for her!!
  10. Finally saw the pics. Looks awesome! Nice work, Bronzeback! Brew, we rough-scored the buck at around 118". Wish I could have had neck measurement was 29" around!
  11. Nice mount, Bronzeback. nice deer, James he will look good with the rest of your mounts. Hey Bronzeback the site may have to talk to you about mounting the largest buck in this years contest. What do you think gang? Let give support to the guy on the #1 sportsman site.