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Hey MF...dean has a question...

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by anon782010, May 11, 2007.

  1. Morchella....what are these...dean wants to know...


  2. Looks to me like Dean has some work to do on his food plot. Scott, that's not what he has you talked into, is it?
  3. Hey Dean...... don't eat the yellow snow... er..... mushrooms......
  4. Are they chicroy-shrooms?

    or are they turnip-shrooms?

  5. Another legitimate thread hijacked by cyber terrorists....

    Morchella, what are they?
  6. first of all let me say that i dont know much bout shrooms .... im learnin myself .... they look like ink caps to me ... but im not sure on that .... im guessin they were growin round a dead tree .... not much help .... lol .... but had to respond .... hope ya pickin lotsa morels !!! our season is over here .... last few times out found mostly dried up yellows :(
  7. The season has really sucked around Garrett here. I went yesterday and looked in some prime spots for 4.5 hours...I found 5 old yellows. We need rain bad up here. We got a good storm the other day, but it missed us completely. Ft. Wayne got a good soaker, but we didn't. Some of the better 'shroomers I know are already heading up to just over the state line in Michigan. They found a bundle yesterday in a couple of S. Michigan counties. Are the ink caps poisonous?
  8. i dont mess with any of the ink caps .... besides im not sure if thats what those are in the pic .... im not one to tell ya one way or the other ... im not being rude or anything ... just not wantin to tell ya to eat sumthin when im not sure myself ... there are sum nasty shrooms out there ... sum can kill ya ... others will damage ya liver and kidneys ..... etc .... best to stick with ones that ya familiar with or get with sumbody that REALLY knows their stuff .... later on in the year i will be able to help ya out with other edibles ... but for the purpose of not gettin a load of people in the woods in the areas i hunt id rather do that type of thing in PM's .... the morel hunters have gotten very bad in my area far as trespassing, and trampling my longtime spots .... again .... im not tryin to be rude or anything .... just value my shroomin spots .... im sure it wouldnt take much to get a load of people out all year long pickin wild shrooms ... lol .... for right now its only the morels that get so much attention .... thank god !! ...... by the way .... if ya findin dried yellows .... try huntin deep hollows and north facing hills .... but sounds like ya season may be over too !! may wanna head to MI !!! .... good luck to ya !
  9. 10-4 on the trespassers mf, I found 35 last nite, some greys and mostly yellows, but some of the bigger yellows were dryin' up! Hopefully we'll get one more round!
  10. DeanO are the stems dark or light