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    I was over your way tonight, had to go all the way to Terre Haute to pick up a tractor. Saw some sweet places to hunt from 70. I also saw alot of nice fishing holes. I counted 17 deer on the way home between Terre Haute and Putnamville, 2 were road kills. On the way home I also crossed Big Walnut Creek and saw a homemade stand near the water. You probably know what one im talking about. I have not been that way in 15 years, kinda forgot how nice that area was.
  2. Uh-Oh.........Your secret spot is no longer a secret Tree.

  3. To late, I know I remember seeing James post the GPS #s and map before.
    It even had a big X where your stand was.

    Oh, then there were the maps you posted showing us how to bloodtrail your deer!

    Old news, old news.
  4. Maps!!!????

    Get your Maps of Randy's Hunting area here......Get your sweet, hot off the press Maaaaaaaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!