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  1. New to Indiana Sportsman. Site looks great and fun to visit. Live in NE indiana and love to Fish and Bowhunt. Hobbies are a little bit of everything besides hunting and fishing but mostly taxidermy (just getting started the past 4 years). do a lot of bass tournaments also, but just love chasing those bronzebacks!!!
  2. Welcome to the site...I think we've met before...;)

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    Welcome to the site...thanks for filling out your profile for us.

  4. Welcome to the site, what lakes do you fish for the smallmouth. I like to fish Coldwater Lake but it's not as good as it use to be.
  5. Thanks everyone

    Hey James, We've met.. Seen you on the lake many times.. Angler 103 and I just got back from a great smally trip, even got a Lake Sturgeon.. I'll try and get a pic up when I figure out how..
    410 the smallies on Coldwater hasn't been the same for a couple of years now.. Seen a few in tournaments but no real size. but falls coming..
    Love to fish the Great Lake Waterways for smallies.
  6. Welcome to the site, enjoy your stay.
    It's good to hear James has other buddies than that Dean guy, we worry about him.
  7. Hi Bronzeback thanks for your answer. I have always wanted to fish Erie with someone that knows where to fish and what with. Maybe one of these day we can meet up and do some fishing. Thanks Bill
  8. Hey Bronzeback, were you at the 'shoe and bag party back in June? Shut up Quail............!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:
  9. Hey Bronzeback, I Used To Fish St. Clair Every Year Now Thats A Smallie Haven Cant Wait To Get Back There Welcome To The Jungle
  10. Nope, Heard about it but had a tournament that night. Sounded like a lot of fun.. Maybe next year I'll be able to make it if James don't mind..
  11. He won't mind...:)
  12. If I can get this to work.....

    Here is bronzeback's 80 - 100 lbs class fish... [​IMG]