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Hi everyone :)

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Hi everyone, my name is Matt. I am Indiana Jones Cousin, he turned me on to this site and so far I am really liking it! Im an avid deer hunter (horrible shot :cool: ) and a big time fisherman.... I am also a HUGE arrowhead collector. If anyone here has any tips for Morse reservoir please tell me, Heck Ill even take ya with us if your from around here :)...I have 3 wonderfull children, Ashley 9 Katie 5 and Eric a very fiesty 2. I am a huge advocate of the outdoors and I want to be able to enjoy hunting and fishing with my son when he grows up, anything I can do to help out in our fight to protect the outdoors I am always willing to do, I look forward to posting here in the future and talking to all of you.... :)
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Welcome to the site...upland bird hunter here. It's a new site and I suppose it will take awhile to take off. Not enough people know about it.
Welcome aboard, Matt. It is always good to have another concerned outdoorsman willing to protect our earth and water for future generations.

Keep Your Tip Top Up!
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