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Hi guys, anyone around Jackson/Jennings/Scott Co ?

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Steveb, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. New to the forum and thought I would intoduce myself. I'm normaly camped out with the fine folks over at forum or forum. I live in southern Jennings Co, centrally located between Seymour, North Vernon, and Madison. My hobbies are reloading, bullet casting, and leveraction rifles. Mainly I like the Winchester designs like the 1886(perfection) and the modern Rossi 92's(perfections template). I'm not into the cowboy action shooting thing, I just love leverguns ,as the modern Rossi 92 is the strongest and one of the slickest leveractions out there for pistol length cartridges. I also have my own site Reload'n And Levergun'n if anyone is interested in checking it out.If I'm not shooting leveractions I'm phographing them and doing other digital related work. Which all of this brings me here. I have heard talk of possibly being able to use our leverguns in 07 and I hope it goes through. This is what I have been waiting on as I want to take my first deer with my cast bullet handloads, iron sights,and my Rossi 92 chambered in 44Mag. I have been into different firearms my whole adult life but wasnt raised around them or hunting. Im almost 36 years old so I'm starting a little late in the game as far as hunting goes, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere. When I do drop the hammer on my first deer I want to use my own cast bullets and handloads, not the fodder you get from the store. Just wondering if any of you guys are located in the Jackson, Jennings, Scott Co area maybe we could learn something from each other? What say you....Steve.
  2. Rifles in '07

    Your post ought to bring out some interesting comments about the use of rifles in 2007. I don't think the majority of people on this sight favor such a rule change.

  3. i'm not in favor of rifles in deer season :) stevieb but welcome to the site.
  4. No riffles here either unless you count my Mathews. Enjoy the site never the less.
  5. Thanks for the welcome fellas. I feel as though I have stirred some thick air from my remarks about being able to use pistol length cartridges in leveraction rifles.

    I'm all for it, and for ballistic consistency myself. My 44Mag cast handloads at 1470 FPS out of my 20" carbine is no more dangerous than these inline muzzleloaders or the high powdered rifle cartridges in pistols IMO. :bonk: The folks up in Indy need to learn about ballistics and take ballistics into consideration IMO. To quote a friend of mine....

    I'm not trying to stir any feathers here but to be allowed to use high powered rifle cartridges in pistols and not be allowed to use pistol length cartridges in a leveraction rifle doesn't make a lick of sense to me. Its about time Indiana got in gear and started being consistent with this IMO. .....Steve.:)
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  6. Welcome steveb, i'll stick with my bow anyday;)
  7. steve - though i prefer bow, i see yoiur point and agree with you about the TC/rifle cartriges vs. lower levers.
  8. Welcome

    I'm not a M/L person, but I don't think that statement is right on being allowed to use "high powered rifle cartridges in a T/C" for Indiana, just as M/L only.
  9. quaildancer, I edited that and need to brush up on the rules and regs but my point is ballistically the rules dont make any sense IMO. I know some of you just love your bows, muzzloaders, and pistols. If I had a pistol in 44Mag I would be using it no doubt but my kick is leveractions and would love to be allowed to drop the hammer on a deer with my Rossi 92 chambered in 44Mag or 357Mag.:)