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Hi-Point Firearms

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Anyone have or know someone who has one of these handguns? Was in the local sporting goods store and saw them on display. The thing that caught my eye was the price, $119.00 for a .9 mm and $140.00 for a .45 cal. Was woundering how reliable of a gun they are. Thanks
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As relyable as a 120 dollar gun can be. they were termed the firearm of choice of crackheads everywhere. I wouldn't get one and expect it to go bang everytime, but for a plinking/shooting for the fun of it, the price is hard to beat. Just don't put your life on it. I have heard their 9mm carbine rifle is a pretty good bargin as far as functioning and accuracy. I was really close to buying one but figured I could use that $for something else that I could use.
I have the 9mm rifle and love it. Never has jammed up on me either, but like was said, I wouldn't put my life on it... Just fun to plink around with and make dirt an mud fly... fun fun :biggrin:
I had a 9mm handgun by hi point. I put the ghost ring sight on the back and shot it very very well. No jamming problems either!
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