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Hidden Valley Lake in SE Indiana

Discussion in 'Southeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Paul8877, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Anyone ever fish here? How is the bass and catfishing there? My Father/mother in law just built a house there and he wans to get into fishing this summer.
  2. i havent fished the lake for years ... but know that the lake is AWESOME for largemouth and large bluegill !!! my bro fished it last year with a well known bass pro one weekend testing new lures he has been developing and they tore em up ..... let us know how ya do

  3. I live near there, and have access to fish there. The lake isn't bad if you can find a day when the idiots aren't there. Theres also several ponds there your allowed access to, there great for gills, and frogs.
  4. I can see that there are some idiots out there with there ski boats. That ought to be fun dodging them lol. How are the bass in the smaller ponds there?