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High Fence Hunting Update

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by jbwhttail, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Friends of this Board and Visitors:

    Without any doubt I can tell you that the Governor and his legal staff plan on a compromise with the six(6) operating deer killing for a fee operators. This compromise will be a DOUBLE DIGIT year pact.

    Notice I did not say IDNR and Kyle Hupfer, it is "politics" as usual. The citizens of Indiana spoke on this topic as they did on daylight savings time and the toll road. We are getting the same policy, "we don't know what is best for us".

    The IDHA will never support or endorse the compromise as it is being "negogiated". If this was a business that threatened the health of Hoosiers or humans it would have been shut down. But because it is animals,be damned. The Governor is willing to sacrifice the IDNR Director's authority to implement "Emergency Rule" or "Administrative Rule" for the sake of a possible court judgement. This is not about what is right or wrong but what $$$$ it "may" cost to pay a settlement.

    We now can see that our Governor has not only set a dollar value on the health of our natural resources but on the "hunting heritage" and rules of FAIR CHASE.

    By Phone: 317-232-4567
    By Mail:
    Office of the Governor
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797

    Here is the contact info for Governor Mitch Daniels. Or you can E-mail him via the site below. If you contact him, would you please post any response you got in return.

    I ask that each person here use the contact above to tell the Governor your opinion. Call radio talk shows, write letters to the editor of your newspaper, call TV news desks. Contact your state legislators, let them know you will remember this at election time.Remind them of Senator Garton and his loss in the primary.

    We won the battle for years, we have a IDNR Director who had the B**LS to stand up and do what was correct, only to be undermined by "POLITICS".

    I want to make it clear, as Pesident of the Indiana Deer Hunters Association we will never endorse a settlement that is of the length that is presently being negogiated. While to continue one more day is sickening, a closure in five years or less could be accepted.

    Joe Bacon

    President, Indiana Deer Hunters Association


    I sincerely hope that this post will be transferred to another site that I have been banned from. It would be a shame that people would be shielded from such important news because of censorship!!
  2. What exactly is going on here Joe?

  3. What

    YES what the hell is going on....speak some ENGLISH please!!!!!
  4. what is going on...........

    After Kyle Hupfer signed an emergency rule to close the canned hunting operations down in Indiana the Governors office as now joined the fray.

    It appears the Governors legal team is negogiating with the penn deer operations, (6 of them) to allow them to operate more than 10 years. After that time they would be shut down. now we all Know Governor Daniels will not be around in 6 years let alone 10 years. We have a Governor who has been swayed to compromise a wildlife issue. this was done by a lawsuit by one of the operators.

    Kyle Hupfer with the Governors blessing signed an emergency rule that stated whiteail and exotic shooting preserves would close after the 2006 legislative session if no action was taken by the legislature.... no action was taken!

    Now the Governors legal team is trying to compromise...... NOT Kyle Hupfer or IDNR.....

    It stinks!
  5. legal dispute

    JB, in all fairness to both the State of Indiana and the private concerns, did you think for one second this was going to immdeiately go away? I do not condone their chosen business; however, the State of Indiana at one point did and granted a license.

    I do support the notion those who were granted licenses should be given enough time to salvage what they can.

    Lets let the litigation and the negotiations play itself out. This is a state of Indiana issue not a Daniels issue.

  6. Trust me, I am not a hunter...but what kind of money are we talking here that the gov't is gonna take in?
  7. Here is my message I tried to send but the service is temporarily out of service. Ill let you know what kind of response I get.

    Governor Daniels
    I understand that currently there are negotiations taking place with the "canned hunting preserves". Would you please elaborate on the reasoning of these negotiations. By creating a "way out" for these animal killers, you and your staff have single handled ignored the wishes of thousands if not tens of thousands of resident hunters in this state. Not only ignoring your constituents, but undermining the director of the DNR only lends to the idea that there are more than ethics and morals running this state. This shouldn't become a money oriented deal. This is a clear cut case of what is right and what is wrong, there shouldnt be a monetary value put on the ethical treatment of animals. If this were for the safety of residents of this state would there be a monetary value on shutting down a business? As an avid outdoorsman and hunter alike, I am disgusted and disheartened to know that an issue such as this can be clearly ruled upon, then opened to negotiation and debate simply because a last ditch lawsuit created a monetary scare. What is to be gained by keeping these types of organizations around the state? Clearly this type of business isn't wanted in this state. It has already been displayed by the thousands that spoke up the first time this came to surface.
    Thank you
    Dustin M Waters

  8. Amem

  9. I will ask again...what kind of money are we talking about going to the state? Dont get me wrong, that aint hunting I am just curious. Any estimates?
  10. I'm not sure of the dollar value.

    These operations pay taxes like all other business, there are six of them presently. Wisconsin who now has CWD and it can be traced back to shooting preserves(while the owners deny it) is paying MILLIONS of dollars a year trying to control it. Who is paying that bill, not the shooting preserve owners.
  11. CAN can hunts, but that will be hard to do, MONEY TALKS
  12. rico not sure what kind of money the state would get but most of those type of places around the country get from 4000.00 to 30,000 to shoot a buck or other types of game. Depends on what it is, can be more or less. DOWN WITH CANNED HUNTING IN THE STATE OF INDIANA. Would be a different story if they had a set of wings to fly over the fences, but to this day I have not seen a Deer with wings.
  13. Me neither, but i've heard of buffalo wings. I've also seen a few around here that can throw some bull.

    High fence operations should just be banned. Other buisnesses start up and fail, and the state isn't required to take extra measures to help them out.
  14. How about the pay ponds then gentlemen!!!!!!!
  15. Regular fish, No...flying fish would be ok.