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High Fences Banned in Indiana

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by jackc99, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Kyle Hupfer issued an emergency order today banning ALL high fence hunting operations in Indiana effective after the 2006 general aasmbly.

    Highlights -

    - the game breeders license does not allow hunting of any kind.

    - exotics being hunted in Indiana also fall under this ban (includes elk, wild boar, zebra).

    - DNR will oppose any legislation to legalize high fence hunting of any mammal in Indiana.

  2. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Yessssssssssssss.......hunt them like they were meant to be hunt...fair chase.

    This one was a no brainer...glad the brains figured it out.

  3. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Wish they would do this in Michigan.
  4. :) Personally I have no problem with this. These are the type of places that give hunting and hunters a bad name.
  5. As expected the captive deer hunting operators have filed a lawsuit. I cannot vouch for all the content of what I received but here it is verbatim:

    Indiana Sportsmen and Land Owners Fight back against DNR Emergency Rule.

    Yesterday a lawsuit was filed in Harrison Circuit Court, Harrison County Indiana, to protect the rights of every citizen in the State of Indiana. The newly appointed director for the DNR, Mr. Kyle Hupfer, recently imposed a reckless and illegal emergency rule. In an unauthorized and hurried attempt to shut down and put out of business an industry of “High Fence” hunting of privately owned deer, Hupfer has caused the issuance of an Emergency Rule by the DNR that goes much farther than his stated purpose. The Emergency Rule, if enforceable, can not only be interpreted as the basis for shutting down the hunting of privately owned deer on private property but also the hunting of all deer within the State of Indiana. Aligning himself with the humane society, the rule that Mr. Hupfer imposed has ultimately jeopardized all hunting for whitetail deer in the State of Indiana. He has attacked private property rights of every landowner and could potentially cause the loss of some 350 family farms and businesses in Indiana. This lawsuit has the backing of the Indiana Preserve owners and Deer and Elk breeders along with the support of organizations such as Safari Club International, Texas Trophy Hunters, United Special Sportsmen Alliance, Indiana Beaglers Alliance, American Kennel Club and also certain members of the Indiana Deer Hunters Association, Indiana Bowhunters Association, Indiana Sportsmen’s Roundtable, and many Senators and Representatives.

    The intent of this lawsuit is to nullify the action taken by Mr. Hupfer and to enforce current statutes. Mr. Hupfer has reversed decisions made by the past DNR that allowed more hunting opportunities to Indiana Sportsmen. In 1999, by request of sportsmen and future business owners, the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife and Division of Law Enforcement met to review the proposal of hunting deer on private hunting preserves. Those departments, after careful review, gave written approval for people to build and operate preserves. Mr. Hupfer’s attempt to eliminate this legal thriving industry is based on bad information. Mr. Hupfer has misled many legislators and the Governors office in the past months in an attempt to gain support for his personal agenda. Our industry exists solely from the demand from sportsmen. Our industry opposes canned hunting and does not condone any illegal or unethical practices. Hunting preserves are built for the purpose of protecting and preserving the hunting heritage that we all love.

    We ask that every sportsmen, property owner, and business owner stand up against Mr. Hupfer’s personal agenda that endanger peoples right to hunt on their own property and to operate legal businesses.

    Indiana Preserve Owners and Indiana Deer and Elk Farmers Association
  6. I thought about putting a fence around my dad's place because I have a bunch of rookies hunting around me that don't care if the shot a 20 inch buck or a 30 inch buck. Their rule is if it has a horn 1 inch or longer they're killing it.:coco:
  7. Maybe you should put a fence around them!!! :dizzy:
  8. I was just at the Indiana Fall Premier in Shipshewana, IN. at the Whitetail Deer Auction & Hunting Expo. It is going on today from 8:00AM to 3:00. there will be deer and semen sold. Saw a lot of big bucks, (yes they are caged deer) and I don't hunt fenced area but there are fun to look at. I talk to a lot of Indiana breeders and they all told me that they have extended the fence in hunts for 10 to 12 more years. Does anyone know this is true or not? There is booths set up from breeders and all over saw deer score from 130 to 410 now that is a big buck.
  9. i hunt in Pike County, and a company came in (DNA Exotics/The Island) and leased over 2700ac back in 1995 and tried to fence it but was denied since the money from all IN. hunting licences was used to repopulate turkeys. So now there is no high fence going up there. They still have the lease and so called guided hunts but they don't keep the deer i hunt contained from me.
  10. Does anyone else see this is DEER PROSTITUTION???