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High Fences

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by redbone, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. What Is Your Opinion On Hunting Fenced In Deer Or A Game Ranch In Order To Bag A (trophy Buck).
  2. Killing


    From my perspective that is killing, not hunting. It is really no different than hunting over feeders as some do in Texas and Michigan. I am not interested.

  3. Ditto!
  4. Oh no ... here we go ....
  5. Ditto Plus.....If you look at the size of bucks that are being bred for that stuff you get immune to the true size of them.
  6. I see the merry-go-round spinning...I did not think that I was in line for that ride!:yikes:
  7. Like some of the above post stated, that is not hunting. As far as a trophy buck, I don't think B&C or P&Y recognize deer taken from any of these places.... could be wrong though.
  8. yeah it aint hunting if it aint freerange
  9. There is no better satisfaction than putting in the time to get your buck the right way. Hunting fenced in areas is not fair chase!
  10. WOW fence hunting sucks. I don't think that I will be hunting in side a fence, but remember there is ranches that don't have high fences, so lets not compare the two together. But if I was going to pay big bucks to shot a big buck then I would just tell them to put THE big buck in a cage in case I miss the first shot. BIG RANCHES WITH NO FENCE MAY BE OK, BUT HUNTING IN A FENCE IT SUCKS
  11. My two cents....or three!!

    Hunting behind a high fenced area like the one in Indiana and in a manner that they did is pure criminal. I'm not in favor of hunting in any fenced operation. Like all of you I'd rather match wits with big bucks in a complete fair chase manner.

    In states like Texas, where huge acred ranches (not all are high fenced) are the norm, I see it a little differently. I was at the Herradurra two Februarys ago and I'll be honest, I saw it in a whole different light. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I'd go hunt there (couldn't afford it anyways), but until you see how thick that mesquite/cactus is you don't really understand it. The Herradura is a 10,000 acre ranch. There is plenty of places for a buck to escape hunting pressure at such places. This is completely different than having a darted, punch drunk buck turned loose in a five acre enclosure and shooting it for a T.V. program like certain "cheats" do it.........Leave it alone Quailrunner!!!!!:mad:

    Also, in defense of operations like "The Sanctuary" in Stanwood, Michigan I offer this. If you had around 1000-1500 acres and wanted to manage it for big bucks, but couldn't control hunters outside of this area would you consider putting up a fence so that you COULD control what went on inside the fence??? All I'm saying is that if every Tom, Dick, and Harry was shooting all the big bucks that you were producing and weren't shooting any does would you consider it? Just a thought...

    I'm sure this will stir everyone up, but my point is that some "High Fenced" operations aren't like the one in Indiana, but then again, some high fenced operations are merely after $$$$$$ and not sport. It's a touchy subject..

    Leave it alone Quail.
  12. No high fences for me. I hunt free ranging animals...