High Lake

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  1. Anybody been on High Lake in Noble County lately?
  2. Hey fish-kissin' guy - long time - no post! :) Haven't heard anything about High Lake.

  3. Iced fished it a BUNCH in high school and my early twenties. I will call you.
  4. Never iced it. Fish it alot in the summer. Word is you can find them in the flats just east of the point on the north, around the channel entrance this time of year..
  5. Thanks for the input fellas. Scotty, the fishing has been decent here. Moss Hawg, I have been lurking around!!!!!!!!
  6. was on high lake fri. good ice, caught a nice mess of fish
  7. :bowdown: :fish: :bowdown: :fish: [​IMG] :coco: :fish2:
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  8. Allow me to translate...

    "We bow to the all mighty bluegill...we bow to the all mighty bluegill...may they fill the pots of our village...even the crazy old medicine man...loe, though the fish teases us with his wile and cunning..."

    This is an ancient northern indiana dialect of forum writing passed down from generations of outdoorsman who used to make these symbols on trees. I think I got the translation right...i havent seen this varitation of "tree writing" in years...:cwm27:
  9. tmarsh be careful that old medicine man could be 410 and bow to the all mighty bluegill:fish: :bowdown: :fish: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  10. 410 wouldn't bow to the almighty bluegill - he'd just fry him up and eat him! :corkysm55
  11. any one fishing in the morning ? [​IMG] :bowdown: :coco: [​IMG]
  12. Anybody going to fish this lake in the next couple of days....let me know.
  13. the bite has been slow there last 3 times i was there. let me know when your going i may be able to meet you there?