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High Power Rifles?!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by DadOfFour, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Somebody told me that the DNR just approved the use of high power centerfire rifles for the 07 season. I haven't seen anything on the DNR site. Anyone confirm/deny this?
    If its true I think you won't find me in public woods next year!

  2. Not quite.
    The proposal will do two things, if I understand it correctly.
    First, it will remove some 'hand-rifle' cartridges currently legal.
    Second, it will legalize the use of many handgun cartridges in rifles.

    While removing some of those previously approved may inconvenience some, NOT doing so would compromise any valid reason for banning high power rifles.

    I look forward to some common sense being applied to this issue.
  3. Not true at all. Either the person telling you was misinformed himself, or baldly lying to you to get you worked up.

    I've seen both being done.

    The only additional cartridges being proposed for use in shoulder fired arms are actual pistol (revolver) cartridges. Nothing with a case over 1.625".
  4. The current proposal WILL NOT eliminate the rifle cartridge in pistols......... talk about not being informed or bably lieing..........
  5. JBW is right...current proposal is an addition doesnt fix any of the BS that is screwed up now...
  6. I do make mistakes on occasion chuckles, but I am no liar.
    You have a very abrasive and selfish outlook.
    And apparently no spelling ability.
    While it does not so far change the laws concerning the use of hand rifles, it should, and very well may, before its over.

    I am sure everyone here is very familiar with your rants on this issue.
    And how you watched your son shoot a doe at 340 yards with a pistol.
    Now THAT is what I want in my woods.
    Some dope shooting at deer 340 yards off with a pistol!
    'Tradition issue'. . .give me a break.
    Your son has one of the guns which is causing the problem in the first place.
    Its a high powered rifle cartridge, in the hands of a kid shooting at targets 340 yards distant.
    Yeah, a high powered rifle cartridge fired through an expensive pistol is about as 'traditional' as it gets.

    You will excuse me while I send another email to, as I forgot to include my thoughts on removing these 'traditional' weapons from what is legal.
  7. Great Reply Post!

    Great Post! John!!
  8. We're going to point out spelling mistakes now? Seriously?
  9. pistol/rifle

    read it a couple weeks ago ,it's on in. dnr news
  10. Only to those who feel the need to imply I am a liar.
    In its original form, it did make mention of changing current pistol requirements.

    In its current form it does not address changing current pistol parameters.
  11. Actually, its all in a proposal stage right now, I look for very little if any to change. I was told they've recieved an unbelievable amount of attention to this from Indiana hunters and this is not one of they're priorities right now and won't be untill they have an adequate amount of officers to enforce the laws first.

  12. Wow that sounds dangerously close to a priority that makes sense...thats good to hear...hope its true
  13. Really?

    Is this your specualtion or do you have a source inside the DNR that has actually said that?

    The DNR doesn't usually make a proposal unless they are serious about it.