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Hill lake crazy man

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It seems that a guy that lives on hill lake in K county dont like anyone else fishing. Im on another site, Ice Shanty and the guys said where everone parks he planted trash and then contacted the land owner and the law and reported that it was fishermen throwing it out. So if anyone fishes there watch out for this guy. Sounds like a real sportsman dont he. Someone needs to string him up sounds like to me.
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It gets harder and harder to find a place to park all the time! People who live on lakes forget that they own shoreline, not the lake. The lakes belong to the citizens of Indiana. But to be honest, fishing folks have been part of the problem. It is not uncommon to see "honest" trash left all over the place where "sportmen" (not) have parked and fished. Even though I would grind my teeth the whole time thinking about cleaning up someone else's trash :banghead3 , we probably ought to take a bag and clean it up if we want to protect what parking spots we have now. If we do have a good place to park, thank the neighbors, even give them some fish.:)
Have to agree all the way. Some property owners just have it in for fishing folks. They feel the more they can discourage us, the less non-property owners they'll have to deal with or have on "their lake!" However, the trouble is just a few, non-thinking anglers can ruin any good thing for all of us. I always checkover my shanty area for anything I've left, including my cigarette butts & throw them in a little bag. It only takes a moment. Oh yes, as "fried" as I might be, I pick up anything from others in any parking area. Again, it only takes a moment. A few years back I parked in a large drive where others said the owners didn't care. I happened to be leaving the lake when they showed up for the weekend. I took just a moment to ask about the parking & then thank them for allowing us to. They were very appreciative that I would take time to say thanks. A little bit of kindness & thoughtfulness goes a long way "around!"
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a sad,sad, saga. i wonder how it will end?
It would be kinda fun to hide somwhere and take a few pictures of this person throwing trash next to the vehicles and then give them to the officer he calls to take the report.:biggrin:
That would be great and have the CO write him a littering citation;)
Someone in Silver Lake should Give the C.O. a call, that would correct the problem in short order.
That would be great if you could get Lyle to get out of his truck!! To busy leasing up all the good deer hunting.
Lyle Enyeart? ha ha:bash:
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