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Hillbilly Rap Battle

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Bocephus, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Sittin here bored...cant go hunt
    Pickin on Dean...the scrawny little runt
    Jimmy Lyon comes in, running his mouth
    Hes just mad cause he ain't from the south
    Chattin it up with my boy oldrookie
    He's all sad cause he gets no nookie
    CutNShoot comes in posting a chart
    Everyone knows hes not that smart
    Scotty comes in bashing on Wiemer
    But his posts suck like Stanley Steamer
    Chapstick Charlie is a crazy old man
    Probably sitting at home with his jimmy in his hand
    M4Madness wont smile , thats the truth
    Probably because he only has one tooth
    Hickorynut is gone and will really be missed
    But thats what happens when you get Steve pissed

    yeah yeah yeah yeah

  2. What about me Bo??? Am I not your friend??
  3. good one bochepus...

    Bocephus is the man, but he can't rap
    Cause he's always talkin, that Southern crap,
    Pickin on me 'cause I'm the real deal
    sissied out from an all-u-can eat meal.

    Then there's scooter, he's my bud
    wishin' he was like me;a real stud
    Cryin' on my shoulder, 'bout bad luck,
    Why? That's easy 'cause he can't get a buck.

    Then there is the 'hugger, he got a nice deer,
    even know that Randall, is a queer (DB),
    Comes to the Indy show, to check "The Man",
    The number one scorer in Hoosierland.

    Quaildancer, I used to like
    but i've gotta tell you somethin' now I've got the mike,
    he pissed me off talkin' about all that skiing,
    When he knows without a doubt that I'm the real thing!!!

    James Lyon(s) the teach and coach,
    smokes those camels down to the roach,
    Wants to take Dean to fish on Clear,
    Yes, I'll go, but you bring the Beer!!

    Can't forget the Rook, he's a good man,
    went to the best school, in the land,
    Although he's just a newbie, we'll help him score,
    We'll teach him that huntin' is not a bore.

    Let's not forget Brewer, he's a real riot,
    he gets on the turkey, and can't keep quiet,
    although he's not the best spellir in the things he writ,
    Righting isn't his best thin, ooops another one..chit!!!!

    Can't forget setter the giant of the crew,
    The gift he gave me in Indy, it sure blew.
    But he's a Boiler now, he saw the light.
    Coach Painter could sure use him, with that 6'6'' height.

    Then there is Scarlet, deer hunting machine,
    one day he might even rival the KING.
    Just kiddin' Scarlet, you are a real hoot,
    Keep up the good work arguing with CutNShoot

    I can't remember everyone, No disrespect,
    I'm runnin' out of dope rythmes, it's time to check.
    Keep up the good work men, you're the reason,
    That helps me get through to the next season.

    In response to Hoyt Rocks....

    Hoyt Rocks is the man, shoots the right bow
    to all the competitors he will show,
    Would like to see more giants, to have more luck,
    Can't wait to arrow a mature B&C buck.

    In Big Bocepus' obvious mispronunciation of my last name...

    Bo you've got it all wrong, doesn't rhyme with Steamer,
    you'll be cool like me one day, 'cause you're a dreamer.
    Everyone knows that i'm the best rhymer.
    Would you like an autograph from Dean Weimer????
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  4. Can't forget Cary, bird hunter extraordinare,
    He and Megs together, you can't compare
    Can't wait to taste and chow down on some of that Italian fare.

    Don't forget crazy Psychobubba, he's a walleye machine
    has a knack for putting them in the boat like Dean,
    And he can't wait for what's coming up soon,
    Waiting for the springtime to find those 'shrooms!!!
    Did I forget anyone?????
  5. No I think you got everyone, lmbo. :tongue:
  6. That was pretty good Dean, you could be a writer.
    With all that smack you throw down, you'd best be a fighter.

    I feel bad about your ski totin' bunnie.
    My lame jokes to you are not all that funny.

    But hey, winter is nearly at an end,
    and your next quest may be on a rollerblading trend.:coco:
  7. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I am starting to wonder about some of you! :coco:
  8. Not a rap!!

    That doesn't rhyme Seabee??????:tongue: Come on IndianaChat around 8:00 and then you'll understand all this madness!!!
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  9. You boys need to get a job or a hobby. Want to take a nap instead? I've got some good material to put you asleep, written by a guy named Weimer. Sure looks like Weamer to me Bo. Maybe he learned to spell in the south.
  10. Scotty Don't!!!

    Autographs are available Scooter!!!!! I usually charge $25, but for you, since we're such good pals, $24.95. How many would you like, Buddy???
  11. Thanks Bo for hitting on me. Now I feel kind of sad. 410 - Hey Dean I will take two if there two if I can get them for $52.00
  12. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

  13. Dean's Outing Rap!!!

    Thanks Bo for gettin' this whole thing started
    I got to writin' thinkin' I had inspiration, ended up it was gas...and I just farted
    I hear Dean wants to start up some kinda' photo journals biz...
    But when he grows up he'll just be cleanin' out the local pubs urinals...gee whiz
    He talks a lot of this guy named Donnie Baker, I don't know the punk
    He's always spoutin' queers, beers, and QDMA junk
    He says he likes ski bunnies, loves 'em, leaves 'em, and in-betweens 'em
    I think it's all a bad joke, a real shamer
    If he'd just come out of the closet we'd all know he's really a flamer
    Don't get mad at me Dean, now you know I'm no fool
    At least we have one thing in common...we both like the one buck rule