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  1. I called the 1-800 number to get my HIP number for dove season. It mentioned both a deer and migratory bird survey and I got even more excited. It asked for my state. When I entered Indiana it said to consult my regulations and hung up. What's going on this year? I must admit that I haven't picked up hunting regulations yet, but I will this week. Thought I would post this to inform others of a possible change.
  2. Hip

    I wonder if the transition to point of sale licensing hasn't changed the way Indiana participates in HIP? I checked the website for HIP and found that IN is not a selectable state on the online registration. Check out this link from HIP, and I'll see what I can find out from other sources.


  3. Thanks Scott and Hooiserbuck
  4. I Got On Indnr Website And Went To Hip Registration Online Had No Problems Got My # In Minutes Did A Small Survey All The Questions They Asked On The Phone In Survey From Years Past.
  5. Me too FINS & GRINS. Thanks for the help.

    If you call 1-800-wetland like before it mentions migratory bird and DEER survey now instead of just migratory birds as before.

    Suppose the degreed DNR biologists thought adding deer to the survey might give them some usable data so they sacked the whole dial in program?

    OK, now I'm just being mean.